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    Triturus dobrogicus - Danube crested newt - sub adults 1.1 £40 pair Triturua carnifex (leucisitc) Italian crested newt - £20 each Sun adult Taricha granullosa - Rough skinned newt - 1.1 Adults £150 pair S.s.salamandra - 2.1 adults £60 S.s.splendens 1.1 Adults £200 S.s.fastuosa adults 3.1 £120...
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    Remember our live food offers run all day everyday, £2 per box, 4 boxes for £7.50 or 6 boxes for £10! Loyalty card scheme for live food and frozen food runs everyday, get your card stamped every time you buy live food or frozen food and get your average spend free on your 11th visit! SNAKES...
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    hi got a yellow and black salamander for grabs not to sure what type he is but got pictures in my album of him as i think its a him he lovely and tame and eats nicely and that nice live viv (live plants water ) it includes: glass viv x1 live plants X4 water bath x1 hide x1 meal worms dish...
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    Fire salanmanda adult £20
1-4 of 5 Results