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salmon boa
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    2015 Female Hypo Boa (het albino) Beautiful looking snake, photo doesn't do it justice. Comes with 3ft vivarium and equipment.
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    Hi all :blush: I'm getting a dwarf salmon boa this Friday, I have a 4ft viv (all electrics set up) but just wondered if I could see pictures of your boa set ups and/or pictures of your salmons :)
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    5 years old. Lovely snake. beautiful patterns. Really good eater. Does have a bit of attitude but has never bitten me. Does everything as he should. Eats medium rats every 7/14 days. Has locked with two different females in the last year. Will let his 3x2x2 viv go with him. (no good pictures so...
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    CB 13 Male Salmon Boa , good to handle, good feeder and very healthy. Just snake £50 With set up £100
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    I have a CB13 Salmon boa, male, eats sheds and poos no problem, nice to handle. Set up is a 4x2x2 viv with ceramic bulb, bulb protecter, light, thermostat, hide and log.
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    Okay, so he's not strictly speaking a Christmas gift 'cos I bought this little guy a month ago (from a pretty awful shop). Luckily he seems to be doing okay. RFUK, meet Bo!
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    Hi Guys, i've got definately one and possibly another boa up for sale. First up is my salmon poss super salmon, coming upto 2 years old, feeds like a beast does everything it should, not 100% on sex sold to me as female. asking £100 for her or make me an offer. Secondly just testing the water...
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    I was going to keep my last snake but I have decided to come out of snakes/reptiles completely so I am selling my lovely male CB13 crawl cay boa, he is fine to handle, eats, sheds and goes to the toilet as should do. He will come with all his left over frozen rats, at the moment I have got about...
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    For sale my male salmon boa approx 3ft long and viv. Feeds and sheds well selling due to not having enough time to handle him anymore. comes with 3ft viv with light and heat mat. More Photos on request
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    I have 11 salmon/super salmon boas for sale. Most of them have had enough meals now to let them go (4 meals). Parents were both salmon boas. So obviously there is the potential for super salmons in these babies. Some of these babies have some amazing pinks and oranges coming through on them and...
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    This guy is stunning, loaded in red pigment and really is developing into an amazing looking boa.
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    Hey Guys, as title says ive decided to sell my cb11 salmon possibly super salmon female boa, I originally bought this girl from dcap off here, she is a reallllly! slow grower as you will see from the pictures, weighed around 380g when i bought her from dcap around april i think last year shes...
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    Decided to sell my male Salmon boa. He is around 18 months old and het for albino. He has not been handled a great deal recently due to lack of time. Can send photos to genuinely interested people. Looking for £100 for him. Collection only please.
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    LIVESTOCK CLEARANCE SALE: ................................................................................................ CB13 Butter Motley Corn Snake Unsexed £65 NOW £45 CB13 Extreme Reverse Okeetee Corn Snake Female £120 NOW £100 CB11 Carolina Corn Snake Male £45 NOW £30...
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    Banging 2013 male Salmon hypomelanistic BCI I'm letting go of. Bred here by me. Poss hers of Albino and Anery. Great feeder. Born May 23 Or part ex for retic with yellow in it.
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    I am selling my pair of boas as it's come to the time for me to think about upgrading their enclosures and I do not have the space that I thought I would have. Both appox just under 1kg. 2012 male sunglow £400 2012 Kubsch Pastel Salmon £200
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    These are the last two I have for sale. Enquiries by pm please, as wont be checking thread. 1.0 09 Salmon BCI -poss dwarf, 50% het Kahl £120 Bought from Gazboas on here. Paperwork says both parents were dwarfs het for Kahl. He is now 4yrs old and about 5ft long. Very bright in colour. Feeds...
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    Here are two boas I have decided to hold back from my first boa litter A male salmon and a female common Enjoy :2thumb:
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    I recently purchased a baby boa constrictor, its 11 Month old and around 3ft in lenth.. The snake is very tame and chilled lol i was told she is a salmon boa was wondering if anyone as any pictures of a fully grown one and a few pictures of small ones too compare lol.. what is best substrate too...
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    CB13 Common Boa Unsexed (x3 Avaliable) £60 Each CB11 Anery Boa Female £200 CB11 Salmon Boa Female £180 CB11 Common Boa Male £75 CB10 Common Boa Male £75 CB12 Normal Het Snow Male Kenyan Sand Boa £60 CB12 Female Snow Kenyan Sand Boa £130 CB12 Albino Kenyan Sand Boa Male £110 CB11 Anery Kenyan...
1-20 of 103 Results