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salmon boa
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    This is my only hold back from my litter last year, stunning clean salmon with a chance to be het for albino to boot. Eating small weaner rats every 14 days shedding and pooing as he should. I planed to use this guy for my own breeding plans and has bin grown on nice and slow. Sadly he no longer...
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    female salmon boa cb10 strike feeder on d/f £175 can deliver by defra licenced courier collection available
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    im not going myself but have the opportunity to send some boas with Rob Mcevitt sp:sorry rob,anyway some crawl cays,genetic abberant salmons,arabesques and dwarf salmons going regards gaz
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    Female Poss Super Salmon Boa 2010 Holdback High Pink Blushing Strike Feeding on Weaner Rats Never Misses a Feed Approx just over 2foot Certificate of Breeder £180 Delivery Available Weekly by DEFRA Licenced Courier Collection Available Delivery to Hamm Show September Available
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    I was reading up about bci morphs and I was reading about hypos and it also said hypos are also known as salmons. So is that basically saying hypos and salmons are the same thing just different names if so isit true
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    A 3ft female hypo salmon boa not sure of age as was part of anther deal, very pritty snake just does not fit into my breeding plans . Will sell for £100 or swap for male redtailed racer/rat a adult female morph Honduran milk ie snow , extreme hypo an so on or just let me no what you got . For...
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    i have an 2010 Female salmon boa, Poss super salmon, poss het kahl albino, for sale was bought from rmckevitt off him last auguest she sheds and eats fine no issue temperment is fine, but she has bit me while i was clenaing her viv just after she had eaten but she is fine and has some very...
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    After a few months of having this beauty, Im still shocked... This is the best boa that my eyes have ever seen... This is The girl!! Y love her amazing tail, her high contrast in this orange tail, the broken stripe in her head, the eyes... With the age this boa is getting better and better...
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    Boa Morphs, CA Dwarfs & Pure Nics - Motleys, Hypos, Arabs - Delivery Available £30 These are coming in on the BHB Shipment due in July. Prices listed are the full price of the animal landed in the UK, no charges will be added on at a later date, the price shown includes the new 20% VAT...
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    5 foot male albino granite, eats and sheds great, just need to cut down numbers with a baby on the way. Not snappy and handled often but prefers to explore than be held but pretty docile. 350£ 2 foot (9 month) super salmon female boa, eats and sheds great too, slightly more temperamental but...
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    hi all was just wondering if anybody knows what i will produce if i breed a salmon 100% het for kahl albino male with a salmon hypo female im sure both are bci thanks any info would be great ive been told maybe sum sunglows and super sunglows is that true?
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    female bred by Gaz boa and indoors with flash male bred by Phil
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    hi folks, had some of the snakes out in the sun snappin a few pics, enjoy... thanks for looking...
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    male salmon boa 2010
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    this is my salmon boa enjoying some sun today
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    09 female salmon boa Eats, sheds and poo's as should do, lovely looking snake. She does have a bit of an attitude:whip: mainly viv defensive, ok once out though. Will deliver locally for fuel cost, Can supply (3ft"18in"15in) wooden viv for an extra 25 quid. Should be ready to breed next...
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    Welcome - I am just wondering as to what the going rate is for Salmon Boas is these days. I have not bred these now for 3years so am lacking what sort of price range they go for now and I have some due this year :2thumb: Any advice is most appreciated. Thanks
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    I'm thinking about getting a Salmon Boa can any one tell me how big they get, also does anyone know anyone who's got some I want a late 2010 if pos' Cheers
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    Today I got this lil girl :) She is very very tame and very nice colouration. Will be taking some pics myself after and adding them :) she a little streesed after her journey :( Also if any1 can help with any names.
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    Hi people, I bought a Salmon boa 2 months ago, when I purchased her she was sold as a Salmon boa (50% het. pos hetro sharp albino) Would someone please clarify what this suggests? Im presuming its to do with possible outcome if I breed her? Sorry for my ignorance!!! Shaun
61-80 of 103 Results