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  1. Aquatics Classifieds
    Liver rock for sale £5 per KG !!! WIll deliver for petrol cost in a 30 mile radius of Gloucester
  2. Aquatics Classifieds
    for sale: Blue face angelfish 4" £85 clownfish common pair £20 scopas tang £16 - sold red fire fish £14 chalk goby £12 - sold red stripe cardinal £8 hawk fishs £14 moon wrasse £20 large scooter blenny £16 yellow bluespot rabbit fishes £23 4-6" mimic tang juv £23 watchmen goby £12...
  3. Fish Keeping
    I have aquired a couple of very large tanks and have decided to make my first marine set up but am in need of a stand/cabinate to be built for it. I would attempt it myself but with the sheer weight of the tank, water and rock I havnt got a cue where to start or what to use to make something...
  4. Fish Keeping
    Hi im a complete noob with salt water tanks (never owned one), but wnated to know how to set one up. Im thinking of getting a 5x2x2.5 (WxDxH). Would this be a good starter tank? As ive been reading about on the net and most people say a larger tank is better then a small one. Also i would like...
  5. Aquatics Classifieds
    Hi does anyone know where i can get live rock cheap as poss for for my marine or if anyone has any that are willing to sell to me if so please let me know and a price and ill get back to you must be local can travel but not too far post your offers here cheers
1-5 of 5 Results