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  1. Fish Keeping
    Hiya all...again, After getting down on my knees and pleading for a new fish tank..I have decided my mum won't let me have another :bash: so I have sprung to another way of getting my lion!! We have some spare pond thingys, which are about 750liters they are cylindrical, and that's it lol Alex
  2. Fish Keeping
    Anyone know if one of the old Eheim Proffesionel filters will cope with saltwater at sg1.018? It's not the all singing all dancing one, it's the very old model that doesn't have any sort of primer on it. Think it's about 10yrs old!! But still going strong!
  3. Fish Keeping top up a marine tank direct from the RO unit? I've done FW tanks from a hose on the tap before, adding the dechlorinatior to the tank direct first. Can you get away with doing the same with the salt? It's actually Mushroom the Puffer's tank, so sg1.018, not really full marine, but almost.
  4. Lizards
    Hi all. I took these pics in Torquat zoo, but am struggling to differentiate them. One is a Saltwater, one a Cuban and one a Nile, but I don't know which is which....
  5. Fish Keeping
    Question time again hehe If i wanted to set a separate tank up in my garage to produce RO water for the 4 footer's top ups and water changes ( and also for the nano tankI think I have bought lol ) what would be best size and way to go about it :D :D
1-5 of 5 Results