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    Up for sale is my Varanus salvator komaini. The true BLACK DRAGON. These are not the melanistic. Cb14 female, around 4ft. eats pretty much anything you give her, has a varied diet. She’s not overly tame but will come out on her own accord if you let her. She will need work to get her...
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    Hi all i have some babies hatched this year from one of our pairs of true blue tegus. babies are 3 weeks old healthy and growing well and ready for new homes. price is 700 per baby. can deliver to hamm houten in person or courier uk wide happy to meet within reason also. any more info just...
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    I have 2.2 black dragons aka melanistic water monitors (Varanus salvator komaini) Stunning flawless animals between 1-1.2m will sell singly for £1750 or £3000 a pair
  4. Lizards
    Hi everybody :) Since I am new to this forum I don't really know who is breeding what etc. and the sheer volume of topics and posts don't really allow me to properly search. So are people maybe able to give me some names of people who are breeding with anything in the salvator complex...
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    presumed female, great to handle with no problems what so ever. Feeds well. Shes approx 3.5ft in length. Looking for good home for her, reluctant sale. Will deliver for fuel costs.
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    Asian water monitor Male Not tame but getting there. Still a baby just needs work. Tong feeds. £200 Ono. PM only. Pics on request.
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    May have to sell my water monitor. Male 4ft 2in Not tame but tong feeds and is getting there. £250 no offers. Would need pics of setup if I don't know you.
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    This is my Seram ziegleri locality water monitor aka varanus salvator. It's up for sale for £500 ONO to experienced VARANUS keepers only no knowledge = no sale END OF it's approx. 14" long now but packing on bulk fast now when wet and clean this one
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    Well after having a break from keeping varanids I couldn't live without them in the house so I Got this boy the other night. He's 4ft long and quite highly strung. Lol. More nervous than aggressive really.
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    FOR SALE. Asian water monitor, wild caught about a year and a half old, very very very tame you will be very lucky to find another as tame as she is at this age she hand feeds, comes to your hand when you put your hand in for her to come out, she has a great little personality on her and loves...
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    Hi All, For sale is my asian water monitor, suspected male, a few people have ID'd him as a high yellow flores island bivitattus. He is quite shy at the moment given his small size at 2 foot but shows aggression towards handling. He tong feeds no problem and eats almost anything you give him...
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    We have one juv salvator water moniter, it is around 14 inches from nose to tail roughly feed like a pig will eat anything lovely lizard, not too flighty either for one of this age. Does have the very tip of his tail missing, Looking for £130 for him Collection from birmingham only Please only...
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    Dundee is my big adult female water monitor (over 6ft) Deano is Johns "Sulphur Phase" adult male (nearly 7ft) We got together on a breeding project and hope this will be a successful pairing for some stunning "visual sulphurs" and "het-sulphur" babies in due course.:2thumb:
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    I will be going to Doncaster this coming Sunday and I'm just wondering If any ones taking any monitors or Ackies etc Let me know Thanks for looking :welcome:
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    This is a beautiful lizard. HET Sulphur, with a sulphur father and sulphur siblings. (Photos of father available) Roughly 24inch full length. Eating, Shedding and pooing perfectly. Asking £450 or best offer. If you're local, you're welcome to come and have a look. Feel free to PM and...
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    Up for sale, is a beautiful sub species of V. Salvator. Given status in 2010, it is from the Moluccas Islands. Currently only young, and is roughly 12" snout to end of tail. Skitterish, as you would expect, but is a fantastic feeder. More photos on request. PM or reply for more details...
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    Currently have the following available... Varanus salvator ziegleri - A new sub-species in the hobby. Roughly 10". Varanus Salvator HET Sulphur Roughly 18" Varanus salvator Cumingii Roughly 24" Sizes are ROUGH estimates. Accurate measurements and photos available on request. All eating...
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    Due to HUGE family problems which I cant change Im having to sell my WHOLE COLLECTION in order to fund a house move to small house :bash::bash: in differant area. I have for sale: 2 x water monitors (varanus salvators) around 18" to 24" currenly living together £120 each or both £200 2 x...
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    here are some pictures of my collection: Nile monitor up first: just outside the basking heat by the water when i clicked the camera he only just got hold of it lol checking for more food today feeding time my old nile monitor "chomp" when i got him (of course i dont own him now sadly...
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    Due to recently finding out that I am expecting my first child, I'm having to significantly reduce my collection. I have a juvenile asian water monitor who needs a new home. He is unsexed and around 9 months old. He has a usual skittish temperment but calms down a lot once he's out of the viv...
1-20 of 36 Results