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sand boa kenyan
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    Have the unfortunate task of giving up my KSB! I've had her a while but I have to downsize my collect! She's eating well and poop fine!! She about 15in and in good shape. Only asking for 20 as I'd like her to find a new home asap!! Thanks!!
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    As per the title really, looking for a female Kenyan sand boa in the south west region. Ideally near Gloucester, not really after a hatchling unless its a cracking deal. Normal and colour variants all good :)
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    I have a male and female sand boa babies, can be sold together or separately.Please make an offer. I am in Cornwall.
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    Hi, I am selling my male kenyan sand boa, he can come in small geo with hide, bowl ect. Lovely lil chap tolerates handling for a while but no corn snake. Feeding well on medium mice, poops and sheds fine. No idea of age but is about a foot in length Can drop locally for petrol or meet half...
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    I am selling my Sand boa so i can concentrate a little more in other things, He's CB early08, puppy soft to handle and is a stunning looking little dude, i'll try and sort out some pictures asap, but if you are genuinely interested i may be able to sort out a pic to mobiles or emails alot...
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    hi i have a male and female (probed by reptile hotel) unrelated normal royals cb10 usure of weights il check another day as they have both been fed today (without tank)and a pair of kenyan sand boas with plastic containers and 3ft ish heat mat (unsexed but sold to me as male and female) female...
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    up for free are a pair of sand boas due to unable to get them to feed, have tried bits of mice, good home required no freeby hunters.
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    I have for sale a Kenyan sand boa unsure of exact age but less than a year old and is unsexed. Eating, shedding and pooing fine. I am having to move house and so unfortunately I have to sell my collection. To good home only. Cash on collection PM me for more details
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    hi 2 baby sand boas for sale, male and female, unrelated pair, fab colours, looking to sell or swap ( any royal considered ) eat and shed good, any more info just ask :) cheers steven. i have 3 vivs for sale plus a tort table. pm for info. pick up only.
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    male cb 10 and female cb10, bought from the same breeder but un related pair, i did hope to breed them in a year or two, but things change, no set up with them, do have a feed recored both take a pinky every 10 days or so, will take offers? may swap as well. i have a male corn snow 100% het...
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    After lengthy discussions with my other half we have decided to let our male saharan go to a new home. We are focusing more on our red tails and geckos now and dont have the time to dedicate to this little guy. He's a stunning example with a very vivid pattern, he has never bitten or shown any...
1-11 of 11 Results