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    For next Hamm show I still have a 2015 male Pituophis catenifer sayi "Kingsville Red" 100% het patternless and 66% het axanthic for sale. He is 75 Euro and can be picked up at the next Hamm show on december 10th. I imported the parents from Jonel Lopez in the US...
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    axanthic het patternless bullsnake het patternless poss het axanthic bullsnake pair of Pituophis deppei jani keepers
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    Last year I hatched a new type of hypo from my bullsnakes. Thats how it looks like after 1 year. and same snake as a baby to show the difference with a normal I did hope for another one like that this years and look what hatched Another one like that but even nicer with a...
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    Some pictures from this years babies. albino or sunglow? whitesided normal snow hypo normal and hypo
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    I let the pictures talk.
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    I have some bullsnakes bred by myself this year for sale. Parents are triple hets, so all the babies are poss. het for the other morphs in this clutch. wild color £32,5 - £37,5 (male/female) albino £40-45 whitesided £50-55 snow £50 (male) Can bring them to Hamm. I live in Belgium/Bruges...
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    "Devils" thats what most people think about bullsnakes. OK, they have character but most of the time its only bluf. All the babies from the first clutch did eat after the first shed. Some pics of the four different colors from this clutch.
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    The eggs of the bullsnakes are hatching. Some pictures of babies. Hope you like them. snow normal whitesided albino
1-8 of 8 Results