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    CB 2020 Moluccan scrub pythons, feeding like little monsters, shedding and pooping regularly £900 the pair can deliver to the Surrey show or from our table at Doncaster IHS show
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    Arfak Mountain locality Northern New Guinea (West Papua) Scrub Python female available. I got her from Houten last year. I have specific locality data for her. Around 5ft, a bit feisty. Perfectly healthy, taking large rat weaners. Located in Cornwall, courier no problem. Downsizing means...
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    German CB12 from WC parents. Axanthic patternless. Beautiful animal, never refused food and always sheds in one piece. Pickup in NW London or via courier.
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    This is a CB2010 Gary Frank line proven breeder. i bred her in 2014 when she had a clutch of 7 eggs which all hatched very healthy, stunning hatchlings. Exceptional animal and ready to breed this season! She has a very steady temperament for a scrubby but still commands the highest respect...
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    For sale 0.1 simalia nauta CB 2015. Patternless axanthic form, doing everything she should. £400 Happy to answer questions or send pictures via email [email protected] or 07884466665. Please no time wasters, these are rarely available so dont contact me unless you are genuinely...
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    Can a single person handle a female/male scrub python on their own? I don't own one, but i will own one in the future as they are on my list, also how big do females get compared to males?
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    Female Merauke scrub python for sale. She is very alert and never missed a feed,very calm once out of the viv. Size is about 6-7foot long. I can deliver locally at buyers cost.
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    1.1 CB Het Granite + Visual Granite Spotted Pythons (Antaresia maculosa) - Adult..... £600/pair 1.0 CB Northern White Lip Python (Leiopython albertisii) - Sub Adult..... £300 0.1 CB Southern White Lip Python (Leiopython meridionalis) - Sub Adult..... £600 1.1 CB Olive Pythons...
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    I have had some thought over this sale and decided to go with it as I am not sure on whether he is WC/CF of CB and I don't want to keep a wild caught animal. I bought him as a her and captive bred but I have no proof of this and have found sperm plugs in his cage. He is a lovely looking...
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    Anybody keeping these guys are have bred them in the uk?
  11. Snakes
    I picked up those at the Hamm show last weekend. Great looking snakes bred by Karl Green Bad pictures of the best barnecks I've ever seen. I'm very happy with them.
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    I thought I would consolidate all my threads into one with the revised prices. For sale I have: Meruake scrub python, CB10 female. She is between 6 and 7 feet, feeding on large rats. Not to bad to handle, but be prepared for the occasional tagging. I am looking for £275. Brazilian rainbow boa...
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    as above 2014 scrub python for sale sold originally as female typical scrub temperament, amazing feeder sheds and poos fine need quick sale cheers for looking =)
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    I am selling my CB10 merauke scrub python. Between 6 and 7 feet long. feeds on large rats every 10 days. typical scrub temperament. please PM for more information.
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    Female Oksibil scrub python for sale, approx 6/7 years old and 9/10ft long Not a great temperament but can be dealt with if you are used to snakes like this. Absolutely stunning animal with no issues with feeding etc For sale through no fault of her own Not interested in any trades Please...
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    was sexed as female about 5ft long now Eats small to large weaners poos and sheds fine typical scrub temper any other questions feel free to ask offers welcome cheers
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    Sexed as female scrub python for sale aprox 5foot long, eats small and large weaner rats, sheds and poos fine typical scrub temper selling due to lack of time offers welcome please pm me if you have any questions cheers
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    I am cutting my collection back so I am moving on my scrub pythons. They eat,shed and do what they should.I can handle them ok as you see in the pics.I am asking £450 for the pair and I don't want to do trades. Female. Male
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    I have decided to move on my pair of Scrub pythons. £500 Will not split,sold only as a pair.Not sold with viv animals only.
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    relisted due to old thread becoming cluttered and new photos taken today 28/12/13. male late 2012 wamena scrub python. about 5ft long feeding on Large Frozen Weaner Rats/ small rats every 10 days . he drop feeds and has never missed a feed . I feed just after lights out . has always shed well...
1-20 of 53 Results