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  1. Amphibian Classifieds
    Hello, looking for sexed pair of jeberos or similar colouring frogs. Can collect arround Richie from rainforest this Thursday. Please contact me with any offers,frogs must be healthy.
  2. Invert Classifieds
    I'm looking for an adult sexed pair of African giant millipedes or other adult sexed pairs of giant species of millipede, as cheap as possible :)
  3. Amphibian Classifieds
    Was reluctantly talked into splitting my group of axolotls. I deffinately want the two remaining wild type to go together. Offering these at £30 for both. All I need to know is they are going somewhere they will be looked after. I need to know you have done your research and that these guys...
  4. Lizard Classifieds
    male is albino see pic weighs about 46grams no problems with him at all very friendly and can even be stroked and him sleeping on your arm female not handled a lot as she doesnt like to be picked up but im sure over time she will she weighs around 50g + see pic they are both now almost...
1-4 of 4 Results