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  1. Spiders and Inverts
    i have had a male scorpion for about 6 months now and today i have introduced it to a female about the same size. first put them into a container together and they were fine. i have moved them both into the bigger viv where they both now stay. there are a lot of hides and the space is big. is...
  2. Snakes
    Hi! I split my two corns just after i had them as they were housed together but not very old, and quite different sizes. Time has passed and i would quite like to put them back together, I just wanted to check that I hadn't got it backwards and actually two females are ok to go in together...
  3. Lizards
    Hi we have three Rankin dragons altogether and two of them have shared a viv since birth as they are brothers. When we bought them the lady said they will be fine if they are always kept together, which it has....until recently. The reason we originally got two is because the one we wanted was...
  4. Lizards
    Hiya, I know nothing really about chameleons hehe - so my next question may sound a stupid :lol2: but can Yemen or Veiled chameleons share the same viv? Such as in pairs or groups? Gemma
  5. Lizards
    what can a bearded dragon share it viv with iv herd that you can have one with a spiderman agama
  6. Newbie Advice
    I have just bought two new beardies, a girl and a boy. I had every intention of just getting one to start but the reptile shop i bought them from told us it would be fine to keep two together. So i thought they could do with some company Ive since read a lot of articles on the net, most saying...
1-6 of 6 Results