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  1. Snake Pictures
    Well after stressing about my litter that was born this morning because it was 13 days late. I go up to the boa room this afternoon just in time to catch another female giving birth. :2thumb: Sire - Super Sharp Sunglow Dam - Dwarf Hypo Motley het Sharp The litter comprised of 5 Sharp Sunglow...
  2. Snake Classifieds
    C.B April 2014 Male Sharp Sunglow Motley - £1000 Inclusive Of Courier To Anywhere In Mainland Britain. This little boy was sold as soon as he was born but unfortunately despite numerous messages to the person who was buying him I can not get a reply So I am listing him for sale. He has taken 9...
  3. Snake Classifieds
    Here are the available babies from my recent Sharp Sunglow Motley Litter. Dam - Motley 100% het Sharp (From Basically Boas in the U.S.A) Sire - Super Sharp Sunglow (From Colin Caddell) The dad was proven with this litter (his second) to be a Super Sharp Sunglow so all the babies in the litter...
  4. Snake Pictures
    I am definitely keeping the following two out of my recent litter. I will possibly keep another female too but I'm waiting for her to shed until I know for definite. Female Sharp Sunglow Motley Male Sharp Sunglow Motley
1-4 of 4 Results