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  1. Snake Pictures
    Been a good few years since I posted on here , I cant log into my old account ( formerly Sharpman) so started a new one , heres a few boa pictures
  2. Snake Classifieds
    I have this stunning female pastel sharp junglow up for sale , not even a month old and her colours are out of this world , The mother is a pastel sharp albino and he father a pastel salmonmjungle het Sharp albino She is priced up at £1000 , payment plans are welcome and i can probably knock a...
  3. Snake Classifieds
    I originally bought this 2012 female VPI three months ago for myself for breeding in a few years time , but ive been thinking over future breeding projects I already have and by the time I hold back young from these litters I will have more than enough boas to look after without getting...
  4. Snake Pictures
    Here are some updated photos of the motley het sharp female I produced in April , she has taken this long to have her second shed so thought I would get some updated photos while she is looking so nice Hope you like Kev
  5. Snake Classifieds
    I have 2.3 Sharp albinos left for sale from my May 23rd breeding , the mother was a very nice Sharp albino and the father was a paradigm , all the Sharps albinos in this litter vary and great deal and some have some great contrast to them , I will be at Kempton on the 14th August so can hold...
  6. Snake Pictures
    Here are a couple of updated photos of one of the paradigms i produced 6 weeks ago Kev
  7. Snake Pictures
    A few of the Paradigms have shed and here they are , its not easy to get decent photos of these as they look sooooooo much better in the flesh Kev
  8. Snake Pictures
    Im still waiting for another 9 boas from the jungle litter to shed , 3 or 4 of these are high expression , hopefully it wont be too long , but in the mean time here are a few more jungles from the litter Hope you like them Kev
  9. Snakes
    Here is the female pastel jungle I held back from my 2010 litter , she has some really nice colours now Hope you like her Kev
  10. Snake Pictures
    Here are some updated photos of the female possible super ghost I produced last year Looking rather stunning I think Kev
  11. Snake Pictures
    The female motley that was born 10 days ago shed today so I thought I would get some photos Kev
  12. Snakes
    Its just over a year since I produced this paradox Sharp in a sharp x het breeding , the amount of colour this Sharp has is AMAZING Thanks for looking Kev
  13. Snake Pictures
    I had a very small litter the other day from a motley x sharp albino , there where 23 slugs , 4 still born and just 5 babies , only one of which was a motley , but my main aim for this breeding was to get a motley het sharp and thats what ive acheive so im happy with that :) both parents where...
  14. Snake Classifieds
    2007 DH Sharp sunglow male , produced by me from a Sharp male x salmon hypo breeding Spare to my breeding plans now so thought i would move him on Kev
  15. Snake Pictures
    Here are some updated photos of the two pastel salmons I kept back from a litter of 27 , the mother is a red pastel and the father (at the time ) a possible super dh ghost which as you can see by the litter photo he proved out to be a super The day they was born they already had tons of...
  16. Snake Pictures
    Here is some updated photos of the possible super ghost female i produced this year Kev
  17. Snakes
    This is the male boa I produced myself last April , cant wait until he is old enough to breed :) Kev
  18. Snake Pictures
    Here are two more photos of the female jungle i produced last year Kev
  19. Snake Pictures
    Heres a comparison with the dwarf pastel fusion i got from Marc Norrie and the jungle i produced myself Kev
  20. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    I normally have a nice supply of pet mice of various colours £3 each or £5 a pair Here are some of what i have now PM me with any queries Kev
1-20 of 68 Results