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    all morphs considered but I really like SHCT with some black spots, send us a pic or PM. Oh aye and not too far from Hereford please.:2thumb:
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    Due to unforeseen circumstances, i am having to sell my leopard geckos. This is for my female SHCT, Toast. 2 years old, proven breeder. Healthy appetite, loves mealworms and locusts. Sheds and poops fine, friendly once you've spent some time with her. £50 ovno.
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    I picked up one tiny leopard gecko last week, and added another slightly bigger baby to my collection yesterday. It is insane how much the little guys eat o.o Between them they have just polished off a full box of locust, and the larger also ate a couple of wax worms. How much do you feed...
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    I am having a slight dilemma right now. Super hypo carrot tail OR Tremper albino They are both young and are both gorgeous. I currently have both on hold and am supposed to be picking one up tomorrow. I can not decide >_< I currently have: 1 High yellow 1 Normal 1 Tremper albino...
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    We have a juvenile Super Hypo Carrot Tail for sale. She was a hold back from my OH's leos last year due to her colouring. We've now decided to put her up for sale as we have plenty of yellow and orange leos. She has a lovely temperament, but she is VERY fast as she is still young. She is...
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    'Steevie' Steevie is 18 months old, she's a super hypo carrot tail, very friendly & has never bitten anyone! What's included? Steevie :flrt: viv wooden with glasssliding doors & brand new lock slate pieces to cover floor (lots of small bits) 2 pieces of driftwood coconut hide slate house Meal...
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    Again this lovely boy was on hold with several other leo's for a few weeks for someone. But sadly that all fell through, so they are being re advertised. SHCT around 18 months old. Eating pooing & shedding without problems weighing: 72.5grams Eating mealies as staple. Been living on Lino as...
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    Mack Tremper Albino babies,Tangerine juvi Male,normal & SHCT Adult males, Nova & S.S Ok first up we have two lovely little Mack Tremper Albino's, which should be ready in a couple of weeks or so. Incubated for female (though no guarentees) We have named them Dot & Jigsaw just so we recognise...
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    Hi this is my first post. In 2 weeks I am getting a male leopard gecko for my shct female leopard gecko, does anyone know what morphs would be produce with a male bell albino blizzard(not blazing or banana) and a patternless thankyou :hmm:
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    I am offering my adults for sale, 2 SH(T)CT males and 1 large normal female with bright yellow. 1- Adult male, just over 2 years old. Happily bread with my 3 females this year and produced some lovely bright babies. He has an awesome temprement and lovely bright orange/ yellow colour when...
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    hello it is my bro-b-day on the 20th august and i need a male leo preferably het for raptor and or SHCT:2thumb: thanks alan please rply soon:notworthy:
1-11 of 11 Results