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  1. Snakes
    Afternoon all! Seeing as I had some spare time today; I put some shelves in the 3ft Vivexotic's. The baby super dwarf retics have done nothing but try and be as high as they can while in their quarantine vivs so this seemed like a good idea that can last them for the first year or so. The...
  2. Equipment Classifieds
    Good solid shelving unit. Could be used for a rack. Has two 4 foot heat mats and habistat. Measures 28' wide, 18' deep and stands 61' tall. £50 Collection from Manaton on Dartmoor
  3. Snakes
    Just like the title says really, if you have added extra floor space, would you mind sticking up some pictures? Curious to see how people mount, how much support used, and what percentage of viv covered, that kind of thing. Thinking of adding to my vivs. Cheers in advance for replies.
  4. Snakes
    I was just wondering how to maximise floor area in taller vivs and was curious if you could use platforms. This means that you could place shelves in the viv at certain heights and support them to create more floor area for more terrestrial species while maintaining a more manageable footprint...
  5. Snakes
    If there's one thing I've learned during my entire time of keeping snakes, it's that they don't care about your lovely decor, the carefully installed branches and the pretty foliage that we think makes their homes look a bit more natural for them. The bigger the snake, the more disregard they...
  6. Equipment Classifieds
    Hi, I am selling 11 Komplement Tubs and 13 (if i've not miscounted) glass Komplement shelves. The measurements are 100cm x 58cm. If you are thinking of building a Pax Wardrobe rack, these would be ideal. Some of them have airholes, but most rely on the shelf above giving a bit of space for...
  7. Lizards
    I've read/been told many times Beardies are semi-arboreal and just wondering how do you guys make the most of viv's that are slightly higher than most? I was debating having shelves in like what the bearded dragon viv exotic has, but anyone got any good ideas/photo's of how you do it? (it's...
  8. Habitat
    Hi guys, I finally settled on getting these shelves for my amphibians and hopefully geckos. For the shelves I'll be keeping my exo terra's on I was hoping to fit lights on to help them with the day/night cycle and to help plant growth as I only have live plants. Here are the shelves: Extra...
  9. Habitat
    Hi guys, what do you keep all your tanks/exo terra's on? I'm allowed a gecko tank and three/four frog tanks but I have limited floor space. I'm in the UK. Links would be fab! But if you can point me in the right direction to stores that would also help! I'm after a ones that are 3/4ft...
  10. Newbie Advice
    Hi there I am just looking into getting my first viv for two bearded dragons that are coming our way in a few weeks. I have seen a 4 x 3 x 2 viv with shelves to create different basking spots. This viv is more expensive that the a normal 4 x 2 x 2. In you experience, do the dragons use the...
  11. Habitat
    Hello what would be the best plastic I can use for making shelves from? It needs to be thick and strong. Want to get rid of wood shelves from iggy viv. Thanks
  12. Snakes
    hi i've got a big viv for my corn snakes and i want to put some shelves in it for them to climb of but i know certain things are harn full to them. i have some pine shelves that was going to use but i thought i'd read something about it being harmful to snakes so i haven't used them
  13. Habitat
    EXPEDIT Bookcase - white - IKEA has anyone used these to make into vivs, adding runners, glass and backs? Thanks Victoria
  14. Equipment & Supplies
    Hay guys, Just wondering if anyone had any good links or names of prefab RUB shelves? I'm currently using tool shelves which are the perfect size for 50Ltrs but the whole shelf unit takes up a lot of space and you can only fit 4 50ltr boxes in it.... I need more snake space :)
  15. Equipment Classifieds
    Built by myself from Ikea wardrobes, has 2 shelves for storage and Lamp Holder/Reflector. Can also come with Habistat Dimmer stat (+£25) Pickup ONLY from Leigh, CANNOT DELIVER! £75 **BEARDIE IN VIV NOT FOR SALE - does not come with any other accessories** Thanks Ian:2thumb:
  16. Lizards
    Hey. I'm normally found lurking on the snake forum - but I thought I'd venture over to the legged things here! I'm combining two posts here. 1. Does anyone know where to buy the very fine febric mesh normally used for chameleon vivs. its for this fellow :) I'm thinking of reworking his...
  17. Snakes
    Im getting to the end stages of my planning for building my rack and at first i thought heat strips with dimmerstats would be the best option (I still think it is) but looking at prices heatcables seem very resonable, and i've seen alot of people use them. Was wondering if it's just regular...
  18. Spider and Invert Pictures
    Finally cleared enough space for my new shelves. I'm quite pleased with the results : victory: most of the shelves can be moved as the T's get upgraded into bigger enclosures, just need to get my acrylic and get the new tanks made....
  19. Lizards
    Hello am going to be putting shelves into my viv, but for making climing easy, am thinking on wraping the wood with carpet, whats the safest way of doing this. should I glue it to the wood, what type of glue. I dont want the carpet coming away when lizard climing that would cause alot of...
  20. Equipment Classifieds
    Due to giving up the hobby on a mass scale, I am selling my part built rack that was going to be used for my Milksnakes. The following is included; 8 pre-drilled tubs, measuring 32"x17"x7". 9 Shelves cut to fit 34"x18". 7 of which have rails to attach the sides onto. The other 2 would need...
1-20 of 20 Results