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  1. Snakes
    Is it safe to use wood in the forest? Wood is really steep in the shops, would you ever pay this much for extra large piece of wood: Is there any shops online that do it cheaper? not sure i want risk...
  2. Snakes
    My pythons are back feeding after fasting for a good few months, so its time to visit my favourite reptile shop - Team reptiles in Gateshead. When I arrived everything was quite with no cars outside(very unusual). After spending a minute on google I discovered the shop is closed along with...
  3. Snake Classifieds
    Thanks to RFUK our website gets much more exposure. Sometimes we list animals which bring people to our site and then they buy something other than what they saw was initially listed. As a result there is sometimes no direct link for feedback so this is for that purpose. Thank you!
  4. Introductions
    Hi everyone, We are a new Reptile & Fish shop just opened in Cornwall, we have very experienced staff and a great selection of dry goods and livestock! Would be great to see you all! Thanks, Kernow Aquatics & Reptiles
  5. Newbie Advice
    I'm a farmer I run a large mixed farm in Essex, I used to keep lizards and a few other exotics when I was a kid. I'm now in a position where I have a number of buildings that I want to make use of but I don't want to rent out. I'm looking for a business partner who would want to do the day to...
  6. Spiders and Inverts
    whats the best online sites to buy spiders from, I really want to get my first spider and well I am not sure which places are reliable and if there are any hidden sellers that maybe arent showing up with my google searches, who do you use?
  7. Misc Reptile & Exotics Classifieds
    Advanced Estate Management We at Advanced Estate Management understand that at times you must leave your pets when it comes to holidays and such, but is everyone prepared to feed and clean out your Burmese or Carpet Python? Or do you want to be boarding them and unsettling them from the comfort...
  8. Classified Chat
    Not sure if this is the right place to post this. I live near Aberdeen and will be getting a leopard gecko soon. I only know of three places where I can find one. Pets at Home, A1 aquatics and Waterworld. Has anybody here had any experience with these shops and are there any others I haven't...
  9. Shop Classifieds
  10. General Herp Chat
    Hi all Well.. I am working on a new project, setting up a new online reptile directory. aim is to include all shops in UK with full contact details, photos, store descriptions and customer reviews. the site will also feature lists of reptile vets rescue and rehoming services party and...
  11. Lizards
    Hey guys, I'm after a nice shop to travel to at the weekend, within the West Midlands if possible. Does anyone know of anything special as such? All the best Dan
  12. Shop Classifieds
  13. Newbie Advice
    Hey guys I've recently moved back up north and wondering if there are good shops with a lot of selection as I'm just wanting to browse around. Thanks Adam
  14. Invert Classifieds
    Hello here is our price list of spiderlings 0.0.10 Euphebophus rufescens 2FH 75£ 0.0.10 Psednocnemis brachymorosa 3FH 5pcs 200 £ or all 350 £ 0.0.10 Poecilotheria smithi 3FH 70 £ 0.0.10 Poecilotheria miranda 2FH 80 £ 0.0.10 Poecilotheria tigrinawesseli 4fh 120 £ 0.0.10 Poecilotheria...
  15. Shop Classifieds
  16. Shop Classifieds
    Last Updated 17/06/15 Snakes Scientific Name Age/Size Price (UK GBP) Boas Albino Common Boa Boa constrictor imperator CB13 190.00 Common Boa Boa constrictor imperator CB13 110.00 Brazilian Rainbow Boa Epicrates cenchria cenchria CB14 100.00 Paraguayan Rainbow Boa Epicrates...
  17. Snakes
    hi all, I recently purchased a rat snake (I'm not going to say what, but it's quite rare and expensive and not for beginners) from a shop (I won't disclose which one, yet at least). My other half went a bought it for me as I wasn't able to travel to the shop. When she got home she put it into...
1-17 of 375 Results