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  1. Fish Keeping
    I've got 5 other smaller glass shrimps but this one is about 2-2.5 inches
  2. Aquatics Classifieds
    Hi, I'm looking for 15 cherry Red shrimp local to wigan so I can collect. £1 per shrimp Kind regards, Mike
  3. Fish Keeping
    just noticed in my tank next to a shrimp there's some 'eggs' can someone confirm this? thanks.
  4. Fish Keeping
    As the title suggests, I'm currently planning on creating an aquascape at some point this year. The tank will be either 75x45x45cm or 90x45x45cm and the plants will be mainly lush green. To contrast against the green I'll be using a tree and hopefully I'll be making a log cabin from real wood &...
  5. Food Classifieds
    Perfect for aquatic snails and shrimps and proven to be loved by fish/plecs too You choose from seashell, butterfly, teddy bear or fruit shaped calcium food blocks 10 £1.00 p&p £1.00 20 £1.50 p&p £1.20 30 £2.00 p&p £1.50 If you would like a higher amount let me know
  6. Aquatics Classifieds
    Hi i'm selling my 35 litre nano aquarium. It comes with all filter media, a thermometer and magnetic algae scrubber. I've also included a 50w heater so it can be used for a tropical set up. I'm after £45 but am open to offers. Thanks for looking : victory:
  7. Fish Keeping
    Has anyone had a problem with any inhabitants getting stung by anemones? I found my shrimp the other day (and no not a shed) inside my XL Anemone, looked paralysed / dead so I had to get him out of the tank after fighting the anemone for it. Has anyone had anything else stung by their anemones?
  8. Fish Keeping
    Double post how do I remove it?
  9. Fish Keeping
    Ok so this might be in the wrong place, and if it is i'll remove it. Basically I'm wanting to start up A smallish tropical tank for cherry shrimp and maybe some Tetras. Obviously I'm wanting it to be planted but nowhere local sells substrate. Where would you suggest to buy substrate and if...
  10. Fish Keeping
    Some of you may already know that I founded the UK Shrimp website, but you may not know that myself and a few others recently founded the UK's first amphibian keeper specific society, holding our first meeting in August of this year, with our next scheduled for 7th April 2013. You're probably...
  11. Aquatics Classifieds
    I have about 100 cherry shrimp for sale, maybe more. £5 for 10 Also selling some freshwater tropical fish. 2 corydoras similis. £3 for the two 2 male Limia nigrofasciata. £3 for the two 10 mosquito rasbora (Boraras brigittae). £7.50 for all ten 5 aphyosemion striatum killi fish. £10 for all 5.
  12. Fish Keeping
    Any idea what this guy is? He's turned blue and getting huge. Knocks about with our lobster in the tank. Just curious!
  13. Aquatics Classifieds
    Im stripping out my tank and am selling the contents. There are tonnes of plants but i dont know most of there names because its so long since i got them. The are 3 bits of wood with java fern rooted on, and its alot of java fern. One also has a minature sword leaf on. lots of valis in the tank...
  14. Aquatics Classifieds
    The fluval Ebi nano tank includes everything you need to keep fresh water shrimp/ small fish Aquarium size: 35x30x30 cm Glass aquarium with seamless front panel and glass cover Nano internal filter Full spectrum lighting Fluval stratum is the ideal substrate for fresh water shrimp and maintains...
  15. Fish Keeping
    Hi guys, I am planning my venture into shrimp breeding in the oncoming months I just wanted to ask you guys a few questions. How many of you own/buy cherry shrimp? What have you or currently pay? Would you feel safe ordering from an online trader? How many of you would buy shrimp for a lower...
  16. Fish Keeping
    GRRR ok Fluval Ebi 30ltr, fluval nano filter with spray bar. 2 inch depth of plant/shirmp substrate, 11W flourescent light. nitrite - 0 ammonia - 0 Its all cycled.. but my Ph is STILL wild. Its swinging between 6.7. and 7.6 Im going to order some cockleshell right now! QUESTIONS Will...
  17. General Herp Chat
    Just wondering if anyone had seens these and their thoughts on them. EcoSphere Self-Contained Underwater Ecosystems
  18. Fish Keeping
    Setup my tropcal nano tank and cycled it,all water chemistry levels stable and in spec. The occupants went in yesterday overnight both the cherry shrimps shed and caught the male displaying earlier to the female so may have some babies soon if the dirty little bugger pulled it off (ooh err...
  19. Fish Keeping
    ok so im experimenting on Japonica shrimp for my final year dissertation... though one problem. Everytime i get the tank perfect and they all seem happy... they all drop down dead! Water is all negative for usual toxic chemicals, filter is mature. They are in there with 3 small zebra danios...
  20. Fish Keeping
    Heya Just looking for some inspiration for a planted shrimp tank... And would love to see some of yours... I am hoping to have a fully planted cherry shrimp tank...of about 50 liters...! Cheers!
21-40 of 71 Results