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  1. Habitat
    I am looking to fix some PVC plastic mouldings to the sides of my Exo Terra. Never tried to do this before and posts on aquarium forums I found through google suggest silicone doesn't bond well with PVC. I will be siliconing an entire side of the plastic moulding, so there will be a lot of...
  2. Amphibians
    Hi, I am setting up a bioactive half land half water terrarium for my common frogs (Rana temporaria). Can anyone recommend a suitable silicone to seal the glass for the water barrier and for the background.
  3. Lizards
    I feel terrible. I created a 3D backdrop for my new, juvenile leopard gecko. I had planned to have it complete before I got him, however, we had a disaster with the first build (using a different method), and have ended up in this sorry situation. My fault entirely. I created this 3D backdrop...
  4. Snakes
    I want to use silicone for a custom rock structure for my terrarium. The one I am using says: VOC (excluding water and exempt compounds)……= 36g/L CARB Chem Curing (n-a) V)C...…..<3.0 wt% I know VOC has to be low if you want to use the product in your enclosure (this one is 100% silicone...
  5. Habitat
    I got a Madagascan Land crab delivered to me today and was put in the enclosure I created for him a week previously. It features a landscape & background I created using Bond-It HA6 Marine Grade RTV Silicone Sealant. I thoroughly misted everything and left him to it. When I came back a few hours...
  6. Habitat
    Hello all, I'm planning a live planted terrarium in a large terrarium but am a little stuck as to what kind of expanding foam I should use. Of course there's loads of different brands out there but which ones are safe to use? I know that they need to cure for a week or so anyway but this would...
  7. Snakes
    I'm going to be assembling a new viv on Saturday and sealing the joints with waterproof sealant. How long should I leave afterwards it before introducing the snake? Also, does anyone know a good technique for getting a good finish with the sealant? Last time I did it I made a right mess! :blush:
  8. Habitat
    Hey guys. Here's my current vivarium: My Crestie still loves it but it's got a bit old and sad, the plants aren't looking too great and after I'd built it I realized the driftwood at the back took up so much space it left so much moisture in the soil it was like a swamp and hardly any plants...
  9. General Herp Chat
    Hi , Im sure there are already a million threads on this subject but I cant seem to find any that have a definitive answer.. I am wanting to stick slate sheets together to stack them up securely for a lizard vivarium, what is the best thing to use to do this I want to make sure that there is...
  10. Habitat
    Hey there guys and girls of RFUK. First time posting here, greetings from Ireland. I was out for a walk in Dublin two weeks ago and I seen this fairly large Aquarium tank sitting by the side of the road. (3x1x2 ft) Having done a little work experience in a reptile store, and having owned some...
  11. Amphibians
    Hi guys, Im building a new tank for my marbled newts (Marmoratus) using expanding foam covered in silicon and then coco coir. I covered the foam in silicon and coir about a week ago then left it to cure since then. However there is still a strong silicone smell, is this...
  12. Habitat
    Which of the following would be best for attaching tree fern panels to the back of my vivarium, and for securing some cork bark and vines inside, or do i need a combination: (its for a CRESTED GECKO) Gold Label Pond And Aquarium Sealer Clear 290ml Gold Label Aquarium Silicone Sealer Clear 75ml...
  13. Lizards
    Hi. Could you please give me some advice? I have a back round which needs the sides,back,bottom & top sealing in on my viv. Could you please give me come advice on which is safe & how long my lizard will need to be out of his viv for. Thanks. Rob.
  14. Habitat
    i no this is go to be a thick one to ask but is it ok to use ha6 silicone sealant rtv marine aquarium,fish tank safe high modulus salt water for a fresh water tank :bash:
  15. Habitat
    Hi What do people use if they want to fix things into a vivarium AFTER the lizard has moved in. I'm very conscious of fumes My vivs (Viv exotic) look very bare on the back and walls so I would like to add some more decoration but I have nowhere to put the occupants for any length of time while...
  16. Lizards
    Anyone know how long these take to stop smelling i finished most of the new viv beginning last week but still reaks of silicone or the varnish?
  17. Habitat
    In the process of buying my first reptile and want to make sure I get everything right. I've built the vivarium for a bearded dragon and the manufacturer recommends it's sealed with silicone. Is this essential and if not what are the consequences of not doing? Thanks.
  18. Amphibians
    For my FBT's water area is the existing black seal guaranteed to be waterproof? (It's a new viv and I recycled the box and instructions) Anyone got any advice? Thanks in advance Steph
  19. Habitat
    Just finished making a waterfall for my crestie, its going to sit ontop of a section of hydro balls in the viv. The pump tube fits in the slot at the back. The water goes down the bog wood and down the cork bark..... :2thumb:tell me what you think :2thumb:
  20. Habitat
    Hi guys im planing on making a background for my corn snakes viv. Was going to coat it with brown silicone and Eco earth. Is any type of general purpose silicone okay to use or will it have to be aquarium grade (bearing in mind that the enclosure will not be subject to a high humidity level)...
1-20 of 27 Results