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skink blue tongue
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    Was told its a boy, he is just over 1 year old, very friendly eats, sheds and poops. Fed on a varied diet £250 You must have your own viv set up ready as he doesn't come with his.
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    HI I recently bought this blue tongue skink and was wondering if anyone could tell me what subspecies he is, thank you.
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    Hi there, looking for a blue tongue skink of any age. Must be Northern! I know they're being born around now so just putting a post up in search of any potential clutches being born soon or already, thanks :) In Scotland, but willing to travel if not too crazy of a distance, or will pay for...
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    Hi my name is Ellie and I'm a first time blue tongue skink buyer. I have very good knowledge on what they need and there care. I would like any aged BTS but 4-7 would be better. I prefer females then males but it doesn't really matter. I have all the equipment ready to go. I wouldn't like to...
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    So, recently I have been searching for a companion and I feel like blue tongued skinks might be for me. Although, I'd like some experiences from the experts in this forum as I'm trying to stray away from impulse buying a skink.: victory: A few questions I have are: - In a day how much do they...
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    Hi! Just on the forum to say i'm interested in buying a Northern (CB) Juvenile Blue tongued skink! (Preferably Male) I'm easy so i'll negotiate the price to whatever is reasonable! Send me a message or email if interested in selling! Thanks!
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    BTS for sale. roughly 5 years old. Eats, sheds, poos fine. Only for sale to raise funds. £100 for just the lizard. £200 for full set-up. PM for more details :2thumb:
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    I'm brand new here so I hope I'm doing this right! I'm looking for a blue-tongued skink of any age or gender. I have a 5 x 2 x 2 vivarium being built for August and I'm needing a skink to put in it for the 7th if possible! Thanks!
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    I'm forced to sell my beloved blue tongue skink through no fault of her own. She's fantastic to handle, I believe she's an irian jaya, unsexed but sold to me as a female, she is just over 6 years old. I'm asking £150 for her on her own or £200 for her and her full set up. Any questions please...
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    Hi all, i'm looking to buy 1 or 2 baby blue tongue skinks as a gift for my partner, if anyone out there has some to sell, could you please contact me. Thanks Barry
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    We have a 5 or 6 year old Blue Tongue Skink for sale unsexed, never bitten. Sorry but do not know what type.
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    Hi there, I appreciate that it is still early in the season, but does anyone have, preferably, a pair of female Blue Tongue Skinks that they are willing to sell..?? I have been after a pair for the last 2 seasons, but just couldn't manage to sort out the right deal.. Please let me know if you...
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    Female skink.for sale Approx 2 years old Sheds poos fine Eats like a big Loves handlers Can come with her vivarium and cabinate for extra Can send pics upon request
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    Iguana is male and just turned 1. Skink is female and is 2 years£110, and 70 for iguana. Email pics , pm me. Looking for ball python morphs.
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    For sale is a believed female Northern Blue Tongue Skink. 2/3years old. The reason the price is so low is that when we acquired her she already had MBD in her tail, we have had her checked out and Xrayed and from the previous owner's information it was from inadequate UV light and poor...
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    Hi all After a long, hard decision weve decided to sell our reptile collection to free up our reptile room. We have a a believed to be male an 18 month old gargoyle gecko available for £50 2 blue tongued skinks, believed to be a male and a female but have never been bred from and are kept...
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    hi i have a gorgouse blue tounged skink he is just over a year old eats like a pig sheds and poos fine. comes with a dark wood vivarium with stand with 2 cuboards. uv lights heat mat and heat bulb. can be handeled has never bitten sensible offers only please thanks
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    i have for sale my blue tongue skink, approx 4 years of age, sex unknown, eats insects fruit and small mice, sheds and poos fine and is dog tame.
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    I'm looking for a blue tongued skink and can't seem to find any anywhere at the moment. I have a fully prepared 4 x 2 x 2 vivarium already set up and waiting, just need the little boy or girl to make it a home now. Any age, sex and size (and almost any price) is fine... I'd prefer a fully grown...
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    I have a surplus female (pretty sure...) blue tongue lizard for sale. She LOVES her snails! She's about 40 cm long, does not bite when handled, and is very healthy. I have no room for her, so need to sell her. Thanks.
1-20 of 27 Results