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skunk gecko
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    Hi, I have a White linned gecko. I was cleaning her cage and I found two white eggs in her cage! I put a flash light up to them and saw vains in the eggs. does this mean the eggs are going to hatch or since I don't have a male their just gonna be duds? thanks!
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    Im looking for a CB unrelated pair of skunk geckos [white lined gecko] and an unrelated pair of CB tokay geckos, if you've got any for sale or know anyone that does please let me know.. it will be much appreciated, thank you. Rob
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    Hi, I have just got a skunk gecko an have just bought a waterfall to go in his viv to help increase the humidity, but not sure if I should leave it on over night? And if any one has any general advise it would be much appreciated. Thanks
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    Hey everyone. I picked up a pair of palm geckos yesterday when I came down this morning the female was dead. That's aprox 14 hour in my care. What doyou think I should do?
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    I have a proven pair of palm geckos available, they are in great condition and feeding, pooing, shedding and breeding as they should. Closely related to the tokay gecko their care requirements are identical. other names for these are skunk and white lined geckos. Collection from Ipswich, or...
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    hi all after some skunk geckos gekko vitattus i think is the latin, large tank waiting for my lonely adult male cash or swaps waiting thanks in advance cheers jamie ps prefer minimum sub adults or adult females thanks again:2thumb:
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    I had my first palm gecko hatchling today , totally unexpected as I thought the eggs were duff and didn't really give them any real incubation process , I just removed the exo background they were stuck to from the parents viv and put it in an old wooden viv and just left em !! No extra humidity...
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    Ive got 2 male skunk/white lined geckos up for offers or swaps. Both feeding fine and shedding fine. However one of them is curently regenerating a tail, but will grow back. As for swaps i would consider a female or maybe any other gecko (preferably arboreal) Regards Alex
1-8 of 8 Results