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skunk stripe
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    Does anyone breed Skunk stripe African Fat tails?
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    i have a lovely male late '08 skunk striped African fat tailed gecko. he has a lovely temperament and eats, sheds and poops fine. he will make a great pet or breeder for anyone! would like to swap for the following which i may include cash: bearded dragon (no normals) garter snake water...
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    I was sold this fat tail gecko about 4 months ago, he was very underweight (<30g) and had shed stuck to all his toes and tail. I was sold him as a leopard gecko, and he was living with 3 other leos. I breed leopard geckos, and now that his lost toes have healed and he is now at an impresive...
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    we have available 3 cb10 fat tailed geckos. feeding on gut loaded mini mealworms and size 2/3 brown crickets banded £34.99 skunk striped £39.99 albinos arriving next week direct from the breeder. banded and skunk striped £49.99 each courier available throughout the uk. pm for a quote
1-4 of 4 Results