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    Skunk Kits £400 each One male one female left - living in the home - used to general domestic life - used to cats and dogs - please pm me if interested or for further info
  2. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    Ready for their new homes - living in the house -weaned and feeding and growing well - please do some research. Please private message me for any info
  3. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    Pair of skunks for sale together. Both classic black and white. Female is almost one year old and not spayed. Male is approx two years old and neutered. Male has had dental problems in the past and had a couple of teeth removed. Both are indoors skunks. Can both be handled with no problems. Male...
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    Proven breeding trio of skunks for sale black and white male black and white female (both 3 1/2 years old) and an albino (champagne) female (14 months old. Only selling as desperately need the space please message for more info serious buyers only. Photo of black and whites wont upload for...
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    Male not descented, female descented and used to living in an outside enclosure. Been fed on a fresh diet no kibble. Female friendlier than the male but both aren't cuddly skunks. Female is expected to have young again this year. Looking for offers or swaps for other exotic mammals. PM me...
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    Beautiful skunk babies, albino or champagne( light cream with white markings). Eating a good variety of foods, nice and friendly. Parents can be seen.
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    We have 4 'classic black and white' baby boy skunks ready to go to new homes in 2 weeks, maybe slightly less. They have been raised in our education centre in Telford and over the next 2 weeks will be having some extensive people interaction with our trained staff so these little guys will be...
  8. Exotic Mammals
    been nosing at some of the skunk threads on here, and they are so gorgeous :flrt: im not currently considering one, but was just curious really as how they are as pets? i.e are they as tame as cats and dogs, do they often bite, can you leave them unattended, do they make good pets? ive never...
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    I currently have a pair of skunks that are now surplus to requirements. The female is around 10 months old and albino, and the male is around 2.5 years and is a normal black and white. They are steady but not cuddly. They are breeders predominantly and would make excellent stock for beautiful...
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    Pair male and female skunks 5month old call 07581479506 or pm pic can be sent 450 the pair or 300 for female and 200 for male
  11. Exotic Mammals
    Just thought I'd start a thread for those of us who find obscure and amusing things in our skunks' beds/dens. Previously I've found everything from £2 coins to shredded bags to hairbrushes, and I'm sure my Sally isn't the only hoarder! So, I'll start. In the skunk den today I found... MANY...
  12. Exotic Mammals
    I know people say that raccoon dogs can get along with cats and dogs, but not smaller "prey" animals like rabbits. But does anyone have experience with how they react around skunks? Do you think they could ever be trusted to get along well enough to live in a house together safely?
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    Hi guys, i know its getting very late in the year for skunks now but i know some people had late litters last year. If anyone has just had or looks like they may have a later litter, or knows anyone that can help, let me know. After a standard black and white. Thank you
  14. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    Albino female 2 years old had a litter of 5 this year. Male is 3 year old black and white.
  15. Exotic Mammals
    Hey, not been on here for ages but wondered if there are any other skunk owners up in York? My new vets said some are registered with them and would be great to meet/chat to other owners to compare tips and pets!:2thumb:
  16. Exotic Mammals
    hi thought id jus throw a post on here and see wot info and exreriences you guys could share on keeping a skunk. any info and posts would be appriciated. cheers.
  17. Exotic Mammals
    Do skunks imported from Ireland have to be quarantined?
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    Pair of breeding skunks, male black and white, female albino. Reared 5 babies this year.
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    black and white baby boys £300, chocolate and white baby boy £400. Also pair of adults albino female and black and white male
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    does anyone have any skunks for sale plz? am looking for a young one, would like a chocolate coloured one but all colour's considered as they all lovely. cheers oscar :D
1-20 of 59 Results