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  1. Lizards
    We were pleased to see our first slow worm -- a female about 10 in. long -- on the move in our garden yesterday. However, after settling itself in the sun under some magnolia petals, we noted that it had stopped moving and stayed put until nightfall. We took it inside in a box with leaves and a...
  2. Habitat
    Anybody have a natural UK planted terrarium or vivarium? I'm looking into setting up a terrarium for a couple of slow worms but I want to keep it as natural as possible. Pictures would be great for inspiration as well.
  3. HI

    hi im new here, just want to say hello. ive just taken over a large garden and im hoping to create a wildlife section/s, so thought I might need your suggestions. regards.
  4. Newbie Advice
    Hello, I am a 24 years old girl living in Norway, and I am in desperate need of advice and help from you! You see... This morning I found a injured slow worm in our garden, the nabours cats must have gotten to it cause it has several puncture wounds. I first thought it was dead but it moved...
  5. Lizards
    Hi Sorry, I already posted basically this exact message in the snakes forum, but I'm fairly desperate. I'm pretty sure there is a slow worm loose in my flat, I found pieces of shed skin on the floor a couple of days ago but I've not been able to track down it's hiding place. I have no idea...
  6. Snakes
    Hi I know slow worms aren't snakes but I hope that maybe someone here can help anyway? I'm pretty sure there is a slow worm loose in my flat, I found pieces of shed skin on the floor a couple of days ago but I've not been able to track down it's hiding place. I have no idea how it got in here...
  7. Wildlife
    Thought I'd check on the slows as I was retrieving the retriever from barking his tats off at next door: Been living under this dustbin lid for years :)
  8. Snakes
    Hi everybody, I'm new and I'm posting for advice as my cats who have access to an outdoor run have injured a slow worm. She has scratches on her body that look greyish and her tail is missing but I read online that they can shed them. She is pretty big about 13 inches without the end of her...
  9. Lizard Pictures
    Hey all, I don't venture out of the snake section much (maybe I should get out more) but I thought this was the correct section to post this. I just saw Fluffy the local cat playing with something in my garden. I ran out to find this little guy. Couldn't see any marks or injuries on him...
  10. Wildlife
    31st of Jan, I saw our first slow worm. I would have thought it was a bit early but it is quite mild here. I assumed it may have been washed out of a burrow? Has anyone else seen them out yet?
  11. Lizard Pictures
    Sharon saying hello
  12. Lizard Pictures
    My beautiful slow worm Slow worm out of her den going into the log
  13. Lizard Care Sheets
    WORD OF WARNING! I'm terrible at spelling/grammar Ok so I decided to make a care sheet on slow worms. It’s my first ever care sheet and is based on my experience with my female that got when I was 13 (2 years ago) and my general knowledge on the species. If anyone has any advice/experience that...
  14. Lizard Care Sheets
    I have had a female slow worm for over 2 years. I looked on the internet and there seem to be no care sheets for these lovely animals. So I was wondering whether to make one based on my experiance. Is it worth doing? It would have the care side but also have how I tamed mine and the behaviour I...
  15. Lizards
    Afternoon. I don’t mean to start a new thread when one isn’t necessary, but I also don’t know about this site's etiquette with regards to dragging up fact sheet threads, so here we are.. I have found and read the slow worm sheet...
  16. Lizards
    Hello all this is my first thread. Before some people start to sharpen their pitch forks I will say the legal side of keeping slow worms. They are protected in schedule 5 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. It is illegal to intestinally harm and or kill one. It is illegal to sale...
  17. Newbie Advice
    Hi I have a female slow worm who a few hours ago gave birth to 3 heathy babies but one of the egg membrane has not opened in these cases do u open the membrane or leave the membrane and the slow worm is already dead!??! Please help all opinions welcome
  18. Breeding
    Hi have a female slow worm who has given birth from what I can see 3 healthy babies but the egg membrane has not broken in these situations do u break the membrane to see if the baby is still alive or leave it advice would be great thanks
  19. Wildlife
    This is just some pictures of my survey I do every Sunday =D, The blue and purple slow worm is one of the best i've seen so look out for him and no grass snakes this week but we did find some skin :) And when im in the water im just saving the smooth, palmates and GCN :2thumb...
1-20 of 62 Results