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    When I move my corn snake into his 4 x 2 x 2 I'll have the vivarium he is in now free, its dimensions are 33x14x16" Is there anything suited to this size of enclosure?
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    Seen a lot of post recently in regards to large snakes and it got me thinking - What is the smallest snake in captivity - Personally my smallest is a baby Purple Hognose male, Will post pictures once he is a little more settled but he is tiny :flrt: So what is your smallest snake? Can be a...
  3. Snakes
    I was just wondering what are the smaller snakes you can get. I know of the hognose and I really am interested in them but I just wanted to check out my options before I commit to anything. Thanks :)
  4. Snakes
    My royal python baby is moving to a landscaped 90x45x45cm exo terra viv from a 30x30x45cm exo terra viv. Is there any small snake that is suitable for this viv (and for a beginner herp?)
  5. Snakes
    I'm after a second small snake for a 2 ft viv .i have a sand boa and was thinking getting a second .but for some reason and I don't no why as I have never liked them in the thinking of getting a hoggie.why why why .so what do you think would be a good choice of second small snake ?
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    I know this may sound silly, but I'm looking to buy a snake that's pretty small and won't bite? I dunno if I'm asking the impossible, but if I am, a small snake that doesn't have the ability to hurt you with it's biting? Any help?
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    Hi all Yep ... I've got the snake bug. First snake was supposed to be the Caramel Motely Corn (but needed to wait a few days for the shop to give its first feed and then a couple of hands off days), so in the mean time I picked up a wonderful Brooks King Snake. They are now settled in and...
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    I have 4 available Mother was a dwarf corn snake (ratsnake) Father okeetee corn snake makes a beautiful combination Due to the Dwarf these snakes are smaller than normal corns, perfect for Snake Newbies or anyone looking for something smaller. I can send photos to anyone interested via...
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    Some of you might know my kingsnake went missing in December for 5 months and when I got her back she was tiny so obviously hadnt eaten much in that time. She is still small but I was wondering if she will always be a small snake or if she will slowly reach her full size? I'm not going to...
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    Hey I have a bookcase that I am planning on turning into a viv for my carpet python (planning way ahead :)), and I have a second smaller one that I am also considering. It is 2x2x3 (wdh) so I could keep it as that or split it into 2 2x2x1.5 vivs. I'm looking for ideas as to what I could keep as...
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    do you ever see any around at all? or anyone suggest a small rat snake thats comes up every now n then on here,not corn too common as in corn,im looking for something a bit different. ive got spotted python on its way ,and want something else that is small, reasonably placid but not...
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    Are worm snakes kept as pets in the UK? Or are there any other small snakes similar in size? And prices they go for? I collect tarantulas at the moment but the idea of a small snake excites me lol :whistling2:
1-12 of 12 Results