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  1. Amphibians
    So we collected some frogspawn to hatch out and grow froglets in a tank of ours...or at least we thought it was frogspawn! :blush: They hatched out several days later and at first we thought they were messed up tadpoles, then did some research and it seems we have newt tadpoles...or larvae...
  2. Amphibians
    After 3 attempts at 'Toad Patrol' over the past few weeks (Only seeing & moving 2 toads and a frog from the road) I decided to take a wander up there during daylight to see what was happening.... Well the frogs have spawned, the toads are nowhere to be seen yet... but I decided to lift up a...
  3. Amphibians
    hello everyone i am new here and to keeping anphibians (i cant even spell it). i have 3 tanks 2 tropical and one holding newts for trial. i have a tank(at the moment i will get a larger on with a land area) of smooth newts. they are in a hard water tank like my pond i collected them from. what...
  4. Amphibians
    how do u care 4 em
  5. Amphibians
    Not had one like this since I was a nipper and Fred and Wilma the Smooth Newts lived side by side the froglets from the pond. Well a couple of decades later its time to do the same for my boys. My mum has millions of tadpoles in her ponds so a little dibbing got a couple fo dozen frog and / or...
1-5 of 5 Results