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snails for sale
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    I have several of these for sale including 4 sub-adults which are around 4-5 inches and around 10 young snails which range from just under an inch to nearly 1.5 inches. If interested or want to ask any questions feel free to message me. Prices vary, will also p&p first class. Cheers :welcome:
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    Lots of GIANT AFRICAN LAND SNAILS Babies 50p each or 3 for pound i except paypal will post for 3 pound royal mail
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    I have snails of various sizes for sale- Sub-adult Rodatzi (Albino) £3.50 each Sub adult Rodatzi (normal) £3 each Baby (1cm maybe a lil bigger) albino rodatzi £1.50 each Same as above but normal £1 each Open to offers on multiples P&P £7.50 RMSD or £5 recorded Thanks for reading!! : victory:
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    Hi all, I have a selection of Rare and Huge snails for sale, oh and pancake slugs.. Pancake slugs £6.99 Stripey tropical forest snail - achatina smithii £9.99 White shelled tropical forest snail - achatina iredalei £12.99 Tiger snails - achatina achatina £26.99 Pink tipped snails -...
1-4 of 4 Results