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snake bites
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    i just fed both my 2 year old rosy boa's (male and female) i separated them and left them for an hour just to avoid any mishaps, but as soon as i put the male in the tank the female went for him, and latched onto him, what could have caused this? recently she has been quite aggressive and been...
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    So I was feeding the Grinch with long tongs and for the fist time he wanted a bigger meal launched himself past the rats and nailed me! :lol2: this is the first time in over 3 years that I've had him he likes to give the odd nip from time to time when I change the water but never with food on...
  3. Snakes
    My nine years of reptile-feeping without being bitten are doomed to an end once I possibly buy my first carpet python this weekend (the one I have my eye on is viv-defensive at the very least). I heard that if a snake won't let go you can put it's head under a tap. Other than that... Any tips...
  4. Snakes
    I know there's already been a few threads on it, but they are pretty old now & since some of us are a sadistic bunch thought would be cool to see if anyone fancies sharing some bite pics with us? Also so I can prepare myself, got a new baby BRB coming soon, so nippy times are indeed a head! :flrt:
  5. Snake Pictures
    Took these last night just before i went to A&E :whistling2: :lol2:
  6. Snakes
    what do you think the best way to remove a snake once its latched on? i like to use mouth wash, found it alot more affective than the cold tap trick
  7. Snake Pictures
    Having a feeding frenzy now its my anery corn getting a sneaky bite in :bash: :whip: :lol2:
  8. Snake Pictures
    lets see your snake bites? after getting a bite last week from one of my bigger snakes. i have been intrigued by some of the damage constrictors can cause. if you have some venomus pics too lets them :welcome:
  9. Snakes
    OK so from my 8ft CCP which some people might not consider a big snake but she's my biggest until my burm is fully grown and previously I've only been tagged by my baby royal so that doesn't count. Anyway, I know the rules - pics or it didn't happen! So, blood freaks here they are lol...
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    ok i posted a thread on this site a few weeks bk now asking if snake bites hurt i can no confrim they do not lol just been bitten by our radiated rat snake :)
  11. Snakes
    Morning Guys. You will have to excuse, i am a bit of a noob in the grand sceme of thing and have only recently (the past year or so) got into snakes from keeping spiders and beardies and i want to know a few things what with this being teh best place on earth for good advise and help :2thumb...
  12. Snakes
    just wondering how do you remove a snake if it bites and don't let go cheers
  13. Snakes
    i know royals are very docile and rarely agressive and would rather curl up into a ball and defend themselves than attack,,, but out of interest.. do you reckon it would be VERY painful? they look like they have really nasty teeth and quite lethal just for mice.
1-13 of 13 Results