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snake ( boa constrictor )
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    He is eating and acting normal his belly just turned this color before his last shed, ive read multiple things and im a bit panicked as i overthink things alot, is this belly rot? ibd? burn?normal color? I will be getting him to a vet soon but its hard to find one where i live. also his warm...
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    Beautiful leopard boa girl can be abit hissy and striky but will calm down over time, she is 10 months old and has an amazing patten she does everything a snake should( shedding, eating, pooping) £290 or Can consider swaps for other reptiles
  3. Snakes
    Hi there, my female hog island boa has had a lump around 2/3 of the way down her body for the past week or so. it is fairly small, hard, and i suspect maybe some form of impaction. she last ate around 10 days ago so it isnt a lump from food, a few days ago she passed some fairly hard urate and...
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    Beautiful female boa constrictor for sale as down-sizing collection. 2.1 m long. Normal X Salmon. Approximately 9 years old. Feeding on 1 large rabbit every 4 weeks. Collection form SW London. Would need transport as she is very heavy. E-mail [email protected] or phone/text 07761 585617
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    3 young Mexican Rosy Boas, all eating really well. Approx 4 months old. £65 each or £150 for all 3. Send me a message if you're interested, or for any additional information. Cheers, Reece.
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    Back from Donny, where I added a real dream to my little menagerie This is Carbide, a year old Hogg Island x Pastel Hypo Central American Boa cross. He was produced by Ally Chapman of Global Geckos! Don't plan on breeding, just always wanted a little boa. Love this boy, even if he's unhappy in...
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    I have had my baby female common boa for about 2 and a half weeks and i woke up this morning and she was burrowed underneath her aspen bedding (on the hot side of her viv). This is the first time that she has done this. Her humidity and temps are fine and as they should be and she has been...
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    Boa Constrictor BCI with complete set up viv is 860Lx375Wx425D m/m (viv-exotic) the Boa is 14mths old and unsexed, is eating well (adult rats)and shedding as normal , last shed 2 days ago measured at 5'4" , genuine reason for selling , a bargain at £100 for anyone who has an interest in Boas...
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    I was wondering, shall I use a heat mat for a boa and have it under the hot side hide or an infrared bulb above the hot side hide? Also, how would I use a heat mat with a wooden viv? i am going to be using aspen bedding
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    Selling a litter of 10 Colombian BCI's, all 100% het-sharp albino and het-anery. All have had 7 consecutive feeds and are shedding and pooping consistently without any issues. They definitely have some attitude, but are handled almost every day and will make fantastic pets as well as potentially...
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    We have a Columbian Rainbow Boa for sale that needs a loving home. We are unsure of the sex, selling on behalf of parents. Around 5 years old Gentle temperament, sheds and eats well Will accept a good offer, housing equipment could go with if necessary but ideally needs replacing for something...
  12. Snakes
    I picked this guy up yesterday at a reptile show in Houston Texas. I mostly keep Ball Pythons but I couldn't pass this guy up. I have been wanting to get a new Boa for a while now and he was only $300.00 usd. What do you think about him?
  13. Snakes
    hey I could really use some opinions/advice. I recently rescued a 6ft female red tail boa, Princess, from a bad situation, she was in a cage with only a small waterbowl a dirty bath towel and her own feces. she has a great new home with snake safe wood substrate, im switching to cypress mulch...
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    Hi! I'm selling my male boa constrictor, due to work I'm no longer able to look after him properly and isn't fair for me to keep him. He's around 4 years old, about 5ft in length. Tame and has lovely light colours, was told he may even have a bit of salmon boa in him. Would prefer him to go to...
  15. Snakes
    Had my nearly four month boa for about 8 weeks now and first two weeks was fine, but now shes constantly striking at her rub and hissing at me when I enter the room, she eats fine every week but last week after she ate she spent the whole night in her water bowl then back to her hide the next...
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    I have quite a few wild rabbits in the freezer rifle shot so no shot in them small - £1.00 - 500g med - £1.50 - 500g - 1kg large - £2.00 - 1-2kg xlarge - £2.50 - 2-3kg
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    Hi I have for sale 3x Young crawl cay boas. I have 1.1 T+ super hypo pair and a 0.1 hypo PH T+. Doing all they should £450 for all 3.
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    I am trying to rehome my beautiful red tail as i am no longer at home as much as i would like to be to care for her the way she deserves to be cared for. I do not want to rehome an aggressive snake though... She NEEDS to get used to being handled again but she has put the fear into me by...
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    Unfortunately I have come to the conclusion that I need to rehome my beautiful Boa... I rescued her from her previous owner who had 'power fed' her :( which has led to her being approximately 7ft long already. As far as i know she is roughly 4/5 years old but is in good health. I have not...
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    As I may be moving shortly to a smaller house I am considering parting with my pair of dumerils boas. This is a hard decision for me and the right home is more important to me than money so please don't be offended if I ask some questions. Pick up from Johnstone or can deliver within reason for...
1-20 of 108 Results