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    i know that ball pythons are incapable of knowing if something is TOO hot but is it the same story for boa''s ? i made one side of the tank for climing but from the otherside there are many low things so he couldn't reach up but in practice the little noodle goes up 90 degrees and i am...
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    Female 4 year old hog island boa, excellent strike feeder always sheds in one. Will be sorry to see here go but having to sell due to personal health. For any further info please don't hesitate to contact me. 07930902139
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    Female common, doing everything perfect. Change of direction forces sale, cb11
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    Hi new to genetics I have a kharl albino male and a kharl motley female would the motley have to be het albino to produce albino motleys cheers.
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    Here I have my female boa just over 8ft she is Viv defensive I was going to breed her but I'm gonna stick with royals she's a good feeder I want her to go to good home with experience £125 ono
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    Common boa 1.5 yrs old Well mannered girl and easily handled Eats and sheds no problem Believed female 100 pound Also have a 4ft viv available, it a bit rough but would do its job fine 40 pound Thanks :smile:
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    hi i bought this boa earlier this year as a common boa but to me the saddles look different any ideas what it may be thanks
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    Will sell or swap for royal. The boa is tame great to handle eats sheds poos lovely snake. No room for him now so must go to a new home thanks for looking o have pics on phone of needed
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    Hi, I picked up this little male Hog Island boa in December. He's called Ruin because we had some problems. I had some initial problems with temperature - that was my fault *lesson learned* make sure everything is PROPERLY set up before picking up snake. He didn't feed straight away - I...
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    This is LaBarbara, my new Hogg Island Boa! I got her from preloved after her owner wanted to concentrate on breeding corn snakes, she is a year old and is a great little character :2thumb: I hope this works, first time I've tried uploading images!
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    here we have a 2011 female feeds and poos and sheds very well about 3feet long cant seem to get pic to upload but can email pic if you want pics or more info best to email me on [email protected] and i will get back to you quicker thanks swaps what you have?
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    Trying to find a breeder near Luton or shop for motleys jungles etc just don't think pictures r enough
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    here we have a very nice snake sadly i dont have her paperwork as the man i got her from did not send it to me i have a pic copy he sent to my email it is from gazboas was born 2/06/2011 feeds on large mice or small/med rats poos and sheds good i cant seem to put my pic on here but can email thanks
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    i have just purchesed an BCI and she is only a few months old. More to the point i am currently keeping it in the kitchen and am thinking of moving her to living room. I have 2 kids which can b noisy at times , i was just woundering if this would stress the boa as i no it can with other snakes ...
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    Here i have a common BCI very tame 1 1/2 yer old 3ft boa eating sheading and pooing fine, selling due to got a pair in togeather unsexed had them probed and they were both males so need to split them. any questions please feel free to ask cheers Matt
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    female boa for sale bout a yr and a half old, aprox 4 ft long, really tame sheds, poo's and eats well, eats Med rat every 2weeks, open to good offers. bassett southampton.
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    Reluctant sale of this lovely boa very tame eats, sheds, and poo's sound lovely markings 3ft viv, 2 hides decorative wood and water bowl included in the sale all cites paperwork
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    hi i have a yr old female boa she is very friendly (exsept atm as shes in shed and mist last feeding:/ ) shes about 3 1/2 ft - 4ft eating on s/m rats every 2 weeks, looking to swap for some thing abit smaller, like a royal python or kenyan sand boa or even just a baby boa constrictor as i will...
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    Anyone know of Boa breeders near suffolk? Thanks
1-19 of 37 Results