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    My snake when I first got him used to poop once a day when I only fed him every 5 days now i feed him weekly and I haven't seen him poo at all. I don't what to do and why he suddenly just stopped pooping (whenever he pooped he always did it on my bed whenever I put him on it now he hasn't pooped...
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    i have a 7 month old corn snake he went all light and now hes gone back to normal
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    Hi guys and gals, I have x 2 corns for sale with 4ft set up- I have been told these are snow corns although I cannot confirm that or if they are het etc or anything else about their origin. They are both just over 3 foot, eating and shedding well, both snakes are in perfect condition :flrt...
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    Have one unsexed 5 month old Amel het Anery Corn Snake. Came to me as a non-feeder, been eating, shedding and pooing regularly for the last 3 months. Very curious, has a great personality and lovely colours. Kept on for longer than their siblings due to a reservation that has now fallen through...
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    Although corn snakes are not aboreal, mine corn seems to like climbing and i was wondering if i could give her a taller tank for her to climb in, if someone could give me some advice it would be great, the new tank is 1 foot deep 4 foot long and 3 foot tall, it has a shelf about 1.5 feet from...
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    Have 6 3 month old Amel het Anery Corn Snakes. Slow starters but 5 now eating, pooing and shedding well, 6th available when has eaten a couple more meals. All unsexed. Looking for other corn snake morphs, including carolinas, miamis and okeetees Or would swap for baby milksnakes or kingsnakes...
  7. Newbie Advice
    Hi all fans of Snakes and Reptiles ! :) I am new member of this amazing forum. I was more spider owner before, had spiecis as Lasiodora parahybana, Brach. Smithi, Murinus etc. I had also two scorpions... BUT I got very very excited about snakes. I had an amazing corn snake - as a beginner that...
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    Hi guys, I just build a viv 4x2x2 using a ceramic bulb 150w with a habistat, the problem I have is the hot end of the viv won't go above 15 degrees. I have the probe in the hot end bottom corner. Would you say the ceramic bulb is too far from the probe? Or is a heat mat better?
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    Tessera corn wanted in the north east as don't want to travel half way to the moon to get what iam after pm me if any out there thanks
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    Casper is a 4 year old nearly 4ft long corn snake, he's currently in a 3ft long, 3ft tall and 1ftwide viv, I had him in a 4ft viv and he became viv defensive, he's been fine since being put in a smaller viv. He eats a small wiener rat every week, on a Wednesday. He sheds and poos perfectly. I...
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    I have a wc sub adult giant Madagascar hognose, which I have had 6 months now, over the past month she has stopped eating and them some how cut her self on something, anyway applied iodine and bathed her in f10 once a week and healed up nicely, but now small scales keep coming off and exposing...
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    snow female 2011 amel female 2011 rbutter x reverse okeetee male 2012 fire male 2010 amel female 2011 amel moltey male 2010 snow female 2009 fire male 2011 fire female 2011 anery motley 2011 not sure of the sex anrey male 2009 caramel male 2011 All feeding and pooing as thay should...
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    Cb14 hatchling Avalanche corn snake hatchlings. Born late October, eats, defecates and sheds fine. We are a council inspected breeder. We also have hatchling starter kits available for £50. Includes plastic tank, hide, bag of aspen bedding, heat Matt, thermostat and thermometer.
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    0.1 Hypo Sonoran Boa (66%+ het Leopard) 0.1 Hypo Plasma Corn 0.1 Butter Corn 1.0 or 0.1 Pinstripe (Royal) 1.1 Rosy Boa Ideally within the Yorkshire area but I may be willing to travel. :2thumb:
  15. Viv

    I am considering making my own viv as I think it will work out a lot cheaper. Have any of you got any tips or pointers about how to make a good reliable viv? :)
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    what should i breed my ghost stripe with to produce the best morphs? thanks
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    male juve florida king snake for sale eats and poos and sheds as he should with home made setup 60 ono make an offer least i can say is no :2thumb::lol2: Library Slideshow by Dave_Buzz_Dyson | Photobucket
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    Anerythristic corn snake, female approx 4ft long still has a bit of length left to grow and needs to fill out, very friendly and placid nature. Comes with a full set up including 5ft vivarium, heat mats, thermostats, fluro day light, red heat lamp, large water bowl, tank decorations...
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    Hey guys, I purchased a male Carolina corn snake today and I really cannot tell it's morph I'm guessing its just a normal wild corn snake. Here's a picture of him..
1-19 of 99 Results