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    Beautiful healthy Butter corn snake Approx 10-12 months old Eating Drinking Shedding Well handled
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    Beauitful healthy rare morph juvenile. Approx 10-12 months old. Eadtind Drinking Shedding. Well handled This is not a gold dust corn, but is a gold plated
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    I am selling my Female Boa. She is 2012, 7ft long cage defensive. Has a scar on her back from small injury this is now cleared up now. She has paper work and has been micro chipped. Good feeder on small rats. Sorry but I will not courier her so collection only. Can e-mail up to date photos. £100...
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    6 Year old snake is looking for a suitable home . Change of circumstances have meant that a tank and other items are available. Will provide photo Happy to provide details Klim
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    Beautiful markings. Pair with a Phantom to make Purple Passions, a Mystic to make Mystic Potions, or another Mojave to make BEL Super Mojaves! Great breeding potential. Feeds on small mice, any food I have left will come with her. Happy to arrange a viewing to see her. Collection or courier at...
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    yellow belly female 744gm £240 , yellow belly male 1,130gm £150 , female normal 1,572gm £150, cinnamon female 443gm £200 , cinnamon male 410gm £130 , mojave male 925gm £200 lesser male 978gm £200 , spider male 433gm £110, spider female 656gm £200 . pin stripe male 467gm £110 this...
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    Ball python for sale, with vivarium £300, having to sell due to move the snake is beautiful only had him 6 months from a yearling he a good eater and is shedding well. The vivarium also comes with two small logs and water bowl and spare heat bulb. I purchased him from the reptile room in...
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    hognose male probed for sale unsure of exact age or what it is, Mexican het i was told but do not know was bought 4 month ago so guess at a cb13. Reason for sale, it is too feisty for me and do not like all the hissing, puffing up and headbuts. eats, sheds, poos fine currently feeding on fluffs...
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    Thai beauty snake Orthriophis taeniurus 6ft 6" male very well marked in stunning condition, 6yrs old, have owned him since he was a neonate, would love to keep him but I have twins on the way and a new business, so I need to reduce my collection, he would make a perfect breeding male, must go to...
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    due to house move im giving up retile keeping and have for sale female Boa constrictor eight and a half foot 80 pounds near offer and a female californian kingsnake four feet, 50 or near offer. contact for further details
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    There is an ad on my local fb's 'pets for sale';¬if_t=group_comment_reply Thought someone might be interested
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    I have a 3yr old python for sale. Selling due to family reasons. Snake eats and sheds well,never been bit either :).. tank is 3 foot. Made from mdf(thick and heavy), has thici toughened glass and lined with quality sticky back plastic(green). Has 3 hides, jungle vine, tree branch,water bowl, 2...
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    Check out the list below and if anything takes your fancy message us or give us a call. Some prices are open to negotiation; please contact us for further information! Please note, we do not deliver but will use a reptile courier if one is arranged. Snakes Pythons Green Tree Python...
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    Unfortunatly due to a few circumstances I am having to sell my male florida kingsnake. Hes 3 years old and very placid. Eats, poos, and sheds well. Loves being handled. He doesnt come with a viv as a friend has already paid me for the viv for his snake.... But i can put you in touch with someone...
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    Hi guys here we have my corn snake haven't got many pictures of it ATM but will be putting more on soon it dosnt just come with the snake and vivarium but comes with light bark chippings hiding cave and hiding log back round plant`s heat lamp temperature gauges and water bowl :ooo:
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    I have a male coastal for sale due to my son always trying to get in his tank lol. Don't wanna sell but have no choice really. Got a deep 3x2x2 homemade tank(worth over 200) toughened glass, 3 hides, dimmer habistat. Ceramic heater, tank covered in contact paper and have most of a roll spare for...
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    1 female Carpet python for sale. She is approx 2 years old, 3.5ft long and of good temperament. Her colours and markings are really exquisite! She eats, poops and sheds very well. She comes with her viv, a 3ftx2ftx15inches wooden and glass vivarium, worth £120. She also comes with the vivs...
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    Based in St.Helens Merseyside 6.5 foot Female boa for sale with viv Contact on 07881298131 for further info or email [email protected]
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    ***BEAUTIFUL BOA FOR SALE *** I am selling my female Boa with a 4 ft vivarium she is very friendly and loves to be handled we are selling due to my fiancee being heavily pregnant with only weeks to go we are looking around the 300 mark! Please Contact Ashley on :07881298131 OR EMAIL...
1-19 of 75 Results