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snake id
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    Hey all, Friend has a snake outside his window, trying to ID please before getting him to box it and take it inside =) EDIT Damn, please right click and view image to see, for some reason it won't show from google drive. Direct link is...
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    Evening folks, My mother is lucky enough to live in south east France (not far from Carcassonne) and sent me some pics (not great ones) of the snake that lives under her patio. Any suggestions as to what it may be? By all accounts its only about a foot long
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    Got this snake the other day from abit of a pleb was sold as a Rare australian python I thought it was a childrens python but if so she is BIG 1050g Bad pic I no she's shedding didn't wanna play about with her
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    Hey all, I saw a snake yesterday when I was going to the beach and was wondering if anyone on here could give a possible id. Unfourtanetly couldn't get a picture as it was gone before the camera was ready, but it was bright yellow with black 'squares' going all the way up its back and its...
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    Keep seeing this banner & started to wonder what snake this is....To me it looks like some sort of aussy dwa: Any idea's? Thanks
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    Can anyone more clued up than me confirm this one for me? Was spotted in The Gambia, West Africa. Image at: GambiaTJ247copycoralsnaketype.jpg picture by arybinski - Photobucket (image function not working on here?) My best guess is that this is a juvenile house snake. Thanks
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    hey, I think this has been posted before so my apologies. trying to find out what it is as It's very pretty! (if I've done the photo bit right!) many thanks.
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    Hi guys A couple of mates went to thailand recently and took some pics of a snake in their appartment. Just wondering if anyone had any ideas to what kind of snake it was?
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    Any thoughts?
  10. Snakes
    Had some lovely colours from my current batch iv had a ghost an amel and a hypo so just now wanna know what the 1st 2 in my album are im thinkin just normals like but want a 2nd opinion x: victory:
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    Hiya the advice on the ID on the 1st 2 was great what dya think to the 1st 2 in the album >? anyone ?
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    Hiya can any one tell me what the 2 corns in my album are please , i rehomed a pair or corns 2 year ago and they produced these babies last week the other 23 are anery and a few of them were snows as well the parents are anery and carolina but one or both must be het ???
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    hi, saw a snake in my friends garden and trying to ID it. unfortunately i didnt get a pic but it was about 1 ft in length 2 cm girth roughly, sand beige colour with a darker brown underbelly. so gutted i couldnt get a pic but if anyone got any suggestions please thanks Jen
1-13 of 13 Results