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  1. Snake Pictures
    After seeing some of the phantom combos poping up ive decided I want to have a shot at them. My female is only 500g so has a lot of growing to do but my male is 850g and will be goin to my bee in a couple of month. Fingers x for a 2/3 gene male phantom combo to hold back to put to the female...
  2. Snakes
    anyone know how to put snake pictures up on a thread without the URL? wanna put my snake pictures up but cant
  3. Snake Pictures
    Few pics of some of my guys, hope you all like :) Brazilian rainbow boa Spotted python female BCI male Bumblebee royal male New guinea carpet python
  4. Snake Pictures
    Here are my 2 Black Rats one of which I am convinced is a corn or maybe kingsnake cross.Look carefully at the body pattern and head shapes.I'm confused any suggestions would be welcome? Ihave included a cornsnake pic to show similar patterning.
  5. Snake Pictures
    heard some noise in my banana girls enclosure....lots of rustling and shuffling about, didn`t think much of it....then about 20 mins later all was quiet so thought I would have a peek....and she had literally just finished shedding, anyway seeing as she was looking extra purdy it would have been...
  6. Snake Pictures
    hi to everyone, just thought i would show you all our latest additions 3 weeks old tomorrow,
  7. Snake Pictures
    this lad is fast becoming a firm favourite! he is currently in shed and looks a bit dark sadly...but still looks great, and he is as soppy as they come! thought I would treat him to an hour in the sun today seeing as its been lovely and warm here!....and of course I had to grab a few snaps, I...
  8. Snake Pictures
    well its my birthday at the end of this month, and as per the norm my other half asked what I wanted....and as per the norm, I had a few snakes that had caught my eye.....some of which were my friend Kams (K on here) baby IJ jags, so as she had a bit of extra dosh she said if I wanted one I...
  9. Snake Pictures
    my handsome little chap has shed and is looking rather gorgeous, so thought he deserved a few pics :2thumb:
  10. Snake Pictures
    well I am a true convert to the black rats! and currently have two with 4 more on the way from a very good friend! I love how variable they are even in the wild form, and also the varied morphs and so on....they don`t seem to be a hugely popular colubrid which I feel is a real shame! as they are...
  11. Snake Pictures
    this girl is gorgeous! she has amazing colour to her! superb almost fully striped pattern....and is a total sweetheart to boot! what more could you want from a retic?
  12. Snake Pictures
    picked up these two from pre-arranged trades at the show yesterday, really happy with them both! female dwarf sunfire 66% poss dh albino genetic stripe and my male hypo 100% het granite poss het albino burm.
  13. Snake Pictures
    this girl shed on thursday, and is looking as gorgeous as thought I would quickly grab some pics just now as I had the camera handy :2thumb:
  14. Snake Pictures
    my young adult female sonoran dwarf shed this morning, and is looking lovely so decided to grab some pics of her...she is such a sweet natured girl and seems to thoroughly enjoy coming out for a climb around and is always into everything! :lol2:
  15. Snake Pictures
    well this girl shed yesterday and was looking rather sexy, so thought i would grab a few pics of her....she is a wriggly one so quality is not the best lol...need to seriously think about getting her a boyfriend at some point!
  16. Snake Pictures
    lots of pics of my daughters and mine`s adult CRB`s.....I love these boas! they are so full of character! and extremely beautiful IMO :no1: first my daughters female, she wanted to come out but couldn`t (as she is gravid) she loves a chin rub! pics of male to follow.
  17. Snake Pictures
    was cleaning a few today and decided to grab a few pics.... female hypo sonoran dwarf 100% het leopard male guyanan adult male common BCI my youngest daughters male common BCI my adult female lavender albino king
  18. Snake Pictures
    excuse the amount of pics, I just love this girl so much! she is soooo beautiful! just cant decide on best pics, so sod it...have a load to look at! :lol2:
1-20 of 41 Results