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    Hi All The missus makes personalised candles and sells them as a hobby and small business and I recently got her to make one for a friend with a picture of their snake on and it turned out quite good, so I thought I would show one on here and see if there would be any interest. The candles...
  2. Snake Pictures
    Do you ever just watch your snake frolic around and think "wow, that's beautiful" or is that just me? So Harvey likes to find the weirdest things to investigate but they make for some pretty interesting(imo) photo ops The belly patterns are so sporadic, I'm used to a checkered or solid belly...
  3. Snake Pictures
    A little late to get started on one of these types of thread..but I really hope many people join in, as I really enjoyed going through the old threads! Add as many or as few as you'd like. I'm not really going to make any rules just so long as it's a pic and it's a snake! Suppose I'll kick it...
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  5. Snake Pictures
    Hi Folks. I am writing text panels for our "Snakes" exhibition coming soon to Liverpool in September. Home | Blue Tokay (not promoting my business just showing you who I am). I really need a pic of a live birth or mam with new born babies. There don't seem to be many pics out there. Can anyone...
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    Here are my 2 yearlings growing and eating well
  7. Snake Pictures
    Finally managed to get a russian rat snake think its a she need a name for her any suggestions?
  8. Snake Pictures
    Click here Use the arrows at the sides to view.
  9. Snake Pictures
    Oscar is my pride and joy. I got him in 2005 so he's no spring chicken but he's been going out to workshops and talks with me for the last 4 years or so and people like him lots. He recently appeared at our football teams fun day, we were helping to raise funds for a rabbit rescue I like...
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    Hi guys was wondering if any of you could help id my ratsnake!all I can tell you about her is she's ment to a year old female she is almost 4 foot long the breeder I got her from just said she was a albino rat that didn't fit his breeding plans!you can't see on the pictures but she has 4 very...
  11. Snake Pictures
    Meet a couple of my gang:welcome: Josephine: Colonel Mustard: Parthunax: Parthunax Photo by...
  12. Snake Pictures
    this girl just amazes me every time I look at her!.....I just cannot get over how rediculously bright she is! there has to be more in there than just the tiger gene IMO, if not then she is undoubtedly the brightest best looking standard tiger I have ever laid eyes on :flrt:
  13. Snake Pictures
    I need to know what species my snake is but I do not know how to put photos onto this forum can someone please help???
  14. Snake Pictures
    still hatching
  15. Snake Pictures
    Thought I'd share some pics can't seem to add any to my albums from my phone First up my 13 month old female pinstripe Next my 9 month old female super pastel Then finally my latest addition 4 month old male pewter Hope you like, they are all very special to me:2thumb:
  16. Snake Pictures
    Here is George Big edd Percy
  17. Snake Pictures
    Here's a few of our latest additions..... Male Pewter.... Male Calico.... Female Desert.... And finally.... ...male Desert Pastel. : victory:
  18. Snake Pictures
    really wanted to put pics of my 6 royals but cant work out how to do it but your welcome to check them out in my albums :2thumb:
  19. Snakes
    just a quick question, anybody interested in canvas pictures of there pets to hang around the house or work place? pm for more details thanks, Tom
1-19 of 41 Results