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    Rack 1 = 6 x lidless 33l euro rack (3 wide, 2 tall) with habistat pulse stat Collection from Rawmarsh, Rotherham £350 Rack 2 = 6 x lidded 33l & 5 x 12l euro rack with Lucky Reptile thermo control 2 stat Collection from Rawmarsh, Rotherham £200
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    For sale vision v70 13 high Snake racking. Comes complete with all tubs etc. Pm me for anymore details. £700ono need gone so will take Cash offers. Collection Lincoln.
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    Hello everyone, I have a brand new jvk v70 snake rack. Less than a week old. Took apart to store. Due to work commitments I don’t have time for snakes anymore. Comes with all heating panels. Castor wheels. Secret shelf worth 300 pounds. I paid extra for three security poles. Cost me over 3200...
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    Vision V70 rack wanted. Not interested in wooden racks. Close to the West Midlands or able to deliver would be ideal. Will cover any fuel costs. PM me what you have.
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    Hi, we have a pro rack system, back up for sale, ideal for large royals etc. Each section can come apart for transportation. Plug in and ready to go. Its 6ft 1" high by 4ft 2" wide, from wheels to top . 8 layers of 2 rubs per layer. Each rub is 3ft x 21" x 7/12 deep Collection ws12 0....£395...
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    Contico Snake Rack for sale as I don't have the snakes to fill it and need to make room for lizards, has 8 rubs missing but comes with heat mats on every level £200 pick up only.
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    Selling my V70 Vision rack, with all 11 tubs, heat wires and stat. £950. Will only sell when remaining few snakes are sold. Great condition.
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    I have for sale my snake rack complete with heat cable routered into each shelf. It is Home made to hold really useful box brands, or others of a similar size (no rubs are included in the sale, photos are purely for demonstration purposes only to offer an idea of size). The material used is...
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    I have recently sold all of my royals and now have my LP3 V70 rack to sell. Immaculate condition, comes with all the mats and two pulse stats all working perfectly. Asking for £675 or sensible offers.
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    33 Litre Really Useful lidded snake rack. Excellent condition - 10 levels complete with heatmats, 20x 33 Litre RUBs. 2 x Habistat Digital temperature stats. On castors for easy movement. Approx dimensions - 202cm high, 95cm wide, 70cm deep. This rack came with metal side panels (included)...
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    Hi all, I am looking for a vision boa rack, preferably close for a reasonable price. My snakes are all comfortable for now, but I have the cash ready so i would like to buy the rack while i have the cash, rather than the snakes being too large and not having the money to get them a bigger house...
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    Hello one and all! I am currently looking into building a snake rack for ball pythons im not too bothered if the tubs need to be lidded like RUB's or lidless. So far I have got my thermostat and have selected the heat cable I would like to use that I will snake up the back of my built rack...
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    Wooden 24.5l rack has 6 levels that hold 2 rubs each so 12 rubs in total. Top shelf holds 21 1.3L braplast hatchling tubs. Rack comes with rubs and two heated cables included. Can be dismantled for collection
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    LP 70 aluminium 5 tub rack with heating and day/night digital thermostat. I'm selling the rack with 5 royals, all females and includes the following. Pastel - 2.5kg plus Normal - 2kg plus wild caught (very dark) Normal - 2kg plus wild caught dinker Normal - 1.5kg plus (CB) Cinnamon 650grams...
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    20 tub Euro rack 9ltr Good condition but no longer needed. Comes with tubs mats and thermostat Will need a few runners RE sticking but Apart from that it's good Pick up from stowmarket Suffolk.
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    Ok, First Rack is my hatchling rack what I built 2 years ago and has been great. I designed it to fit 6 3L Really usefull boxes on the bottom 2 shelf's and 56 1.3 braplast, they can double up if you need giving you up to 112 1.3 hatchling tub's. Also has 2 bit's in the bottom for 2 incubator's...
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    I have available this rack made from an Ikea Trofast unit. Suitable for small snakes or juveniles (has been used for juvenile and small male house snakes). The tubs are lidless so there is a small gap for airflow (4mm approx.). The unit has a back to it, lined internally with foil to reflect...
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    Selling the lot as a bungle Big home made snake rack Heat matts Thermostats Heat cables 10+ RUBs (33ltr) Water bowls And much more other bits.. Hides etc. 9 snakes. Royal pythons.. Adult females . 2 normals, spider 600g to 800g females. Bumble bee, pastel, yellow belly Adult male. 800g Enchi...
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    I have one V70 Adult Rack, and one V18 Hatchling rack left for sale. Buyer pick up only due to their size, unless you organise a courier at your own expense. V70 - £495 V18 - £595 The V70 comes with all the required parts to convert it into a V35 (obviously without the V35 tubs though!)...
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    hi looking for a snake rack to hold up to 6 + snakes ranging from juvenile balls to adult balls/corns thanks
1-20 of 242 Results