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snake retic
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    First my goldenchild het albino 8ft male £700White phase tiger female 8-9ft £500Purple motley female 3ft £800Motley het albino 4ft £500Blonde male 8ft £600Tiger het blonde female 6-7ft £500Jampea male 2009 7ft £220Also have a female jampea again 2009 just over 10ft which will be up for sale...
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    Hi I have just bought a caramel tiger retic. I have been after one of these since I first see one and she will be arriving Wednesday. So I have read that temperature can make the colour change faster. Does any one know anything about this and if so could you please let me know. Thanks for...
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    Lovely female lavender albino retic, 18 months old, around 14 ft long, beautiful girl, Previously used for children's parties so very calm and friendly, tap trained reluctant sale
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    hey folks, looking for a purple retic prefer female, please pm me with what you have, also looking for a male white tiger cheers
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    hi, looking for a bali yellow head, pm me with what you have
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    We have one male lavender tiger left.He is aprox 2ft long and has a lovely temperment. Unfortunatly this little guy has had a bad shed and i am struggling getting him off rat pups and onto mice. Due to this and me desperatly needing the room i am letting him go at £250 to an experienced keeper...
1-6 of 6 Results