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    Hi I have four baby amal corn snakes for sale I will take offers on them all
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    Hi guys got two snow corns for sale one male and one female both still young want to start a new project so could do with them gone can deliver for fuel money if intrested email me @ [email protected]
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    I have two snakes for sale one jaya carpet cross and one royal, neither 100% sexed both feeding very well carpet is on medium rats and the royal is on rat weiners. best pic i have of the carpet lol; as you can see hes very, VERY friendly, cb10 a little hissy and angry in shed but thats...
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    For sale I am off to Uni and need to sell my snakes as they can't come with me :( All 3 have great temperaments and eat, poo and shed fine. Im after £40 for each of them although will reduce the price a bit if they all go together. Any Questions please PM me. Sorry for the bad pics but I...
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    VARIOUS CORN SNAKES FOR SALE!!: 2006 Amel (Female) - £45 2007 Carolina (Female) - £35 (Is not as big as she should be, but eating very good now! Owner before me double clutched every time) 2007 Carolina (Male) - £30 ALSO: 2009 Gopher Snake (Male) - £30 GIVE ME YOUR EMAIL AND I CAN SEND...
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    i may have to sell my male bali yellow head retic, 1 year old, 6 ft very slender. slightly viv defensive, great feeding response, soppy as they come when being handled. offers :welcome:
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    Hi i have a 2010 western hognose for sale what i get from donny show last year. Eating, Pooing, Shedding Bill. Thanks PICK UP ONLY!!!
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    CB09 Pueblans Apricot Milk Snake - £90.00 CB10 Boa Constrictor - £75.00 CB09 Blood Red Corn Snakes - £45.00 each CB08 Corn Snake (Normal) - £50.00 Adult Californian King Snake (3.5ft) - £80.00 CB10 Royal Pythons - £60.00 each Adult Corn, Snow Morph - £75.00 CB08 Royal Python - £120.00...
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    Albino female california king snake Albino Adult Female Prairie king snake please pm for prices :2thumb:
  10. Reptile Shows & Breeder Meetings
    Just like to know: Who's going Will there be BALL PYTHONS???? Is it open to the public Which companys have tables. Cheers. : victory:
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    Tank is my Red tailed Boa, I have a 3ft viv on a stand with ceramic heating and a thermostat. 2 water bowls, vines, leaves, wood and soil substrate all included! Tank is aprox 2ft long and he is just over a year old. He sheds perfectly and is one perfect pet snake. He handles great and he loves...
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    I have a 4 year old Albino corn snake which is around 4.5 ft in length for sale due to work commitments, and not enough time to look after her properly.. I have had her since she was a few weeks old, and she has a lovely temperment.. I'm selling with a fairly new full size vivarium with fitted...
1-12 of 12 Results