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  1. Snake Pictures
    Just got back from south west Thailand and although I didnt see a single snake in the wild, I did however see some in the snake show. which consists of a man tormenting various snakes and them nearly biting him lol. started with some black cobras then a jumping snake which i think is a...
  2. CREAKS Shows
    I have a spare seat in my car to creeks show on sunday me,my partner and my 3 year old are going. will take from youngsters(10years+) to adults me and my partner due to work are both crb checked(my partner is a lvl 3 nursery nurse and i part time clean at a secondary collage) all i would ask...
  3. Snakes
    Any else disappointed with the snakes donny?? It's always mostly royals and corns :devil: and people complain that no one brings anything unusual but whenever there is no one wants them!!!
  4. Snakes
    Any idea of price of entry, opening times, availabilty of food (may need a sandwich) Im going to look and not bringing money (i want many snakes but have no money or room) If anybody who also goes to the RFUK leicester meet is going post in here so we all know who's about Cheers...
  5. Snakes
    Just wondering, are there any decent reptile shows that I can download? Even if it's just a one off from Discovery channel or something. Not watched very many programs about reptiles other than when someone was searching for a 30foot snake. Any would be good :D
1-5 of 5 Results