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    :whistling2: MOTLEY FEMALE BOA - - 66% hET kAHL ALBINO - 2010 Due to downsizing she has become available, breeding size, feeds on guinea pigs. Call for further details/ pics
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    hi there looking for a young common boa i dont want anything too fancy as this is the start to my herp collection after years out having kids lol if ur local please message me with what u have and a price please i am rubbish at offers, thanks for looking
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    guess what i just got,,,, Halmahera Ground Boa A lovely male Halmahera Ground Boa,seen him in the shop the other week i could not get him out of my head!!!he is around a late cb10,,i got a good price as he is a funny eater like most of them are,,,will post pics when he is settled in,,he is a...
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    Are boas fussy with food? especially baby ones any tips on getting them to take.
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    I have the above for swap for boas and open to offers It come with bag and mits In good condition if you want a pic it's from decathlon
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    For sale due to lack of time and space my full set up consisting of:- 2 x 3ft wooden vivs complete with heat mats and thermostats full decor, hides, waterbowl and lighting. £90 each or £160 for stack of two. 1 x 2ft wooden viv complete with ceramic heat bulb, thermostat, hide, waterbowl and...
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    hi i am looking for a male boa het kahl boa 2010 2009 wont be buying straight away just testing the water to see how much they are going for thanks for reading
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    we have a 5ft male boa. he doesnt look like a common (im not saying that he isnt) but weve been told hes a salmon, a hypo salmon & a possible honduran firebelly. as you can tell we have no idea. he is similar to a firebelly as we have scouted the internet but i thought i would ask people on...
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    hay i jst foud this on yahoo Warning As Boa Constrictor Goes On The Loose - Yahoo! News UK aparently thay have got the RSPCA involved I know thay do alot of good work but there track recod with exotics in ot good I hope that somone that kows about these butiful snakes can find it befor the...
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    i am looking for a female boa anything apart from a normal really. i have a male pastel at them min around 5.5 ft. any ideas and could anyone point me in the right direction of where to get 1 from
1-10 of 11 Results