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  1. Snakes
    How much would an 09 albino feamle royal weighing in at about 500 grams cost ? Thanks in advance Mike
  2. Snakes
    Hi, I have kept reptiles for many years. Recently I was given a male Royal Python which is bad condition (I think he's about 7 yrs old.) He isn’t shedding very well and his skin is very dry, also he has a bad eye, which I believe is due to a bad shed. I have bathed him in warm water and made...
  3. Snakes
    I'm buying a ball python at the midsomer norton show this sunday and wondered what to look out for in terms of buying, health, weight.etc. Cheers
  4. Snakes
    What's the best substrate for Ball Pythons? : victory:
  5. Snakes
    i am a bit sad today coz i got home from work and found my royal dead today :( he was ill a few days ago threw a mouse up so i fones my local reptile shop (aqualfe) and told them that he had done this and told him everything that was wrong with the snake and they told me to leave him a few days...
  6. Snakes
    Hi I have recently discovered a great way to acclimate a baby royal python to it's new larger tank without it going off feeding or being handled!!!! :2thumb: I put my baby royal into a small to medium faunarium, placed into a 2ft by 1.5ft viv, with the heating equipment all being in the larger...
  7. Shop Classifieds
    We are a very small independent reptile outlet based in Dundee. We aim to ensure we can provide a professional service enabling our customers to actually be able to purchase most items specifically for the care and breeding of reptiles. NEW ARRIVALS 08 CF ROYAL PYTHONS...
1-8 of 8 Results