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    Hi Does anyone have any florida blue garter snakes available? Thanks Charlie
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    Hello, So I'm planning on getting a ball python, and have done my fair share of research, but I thought it would be a smart idea to ask some peeps who have experience with snakes!
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    Hi. My 1 year old sand boa normally is fine at shedding. However, he has only shed a small amount off this time around his neck area, and the rest of the shed on his body looks thick and very dry. Even after giving him a moisturizing bath, this has not moved for over a week. Each of my other...
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    Hi guys, so my hognose has just recently shed this morning. I have just noticed this unusual behaviour he’s been doing since then, he hasn’t ever done this before after he’s shed. I have checked him over and can confirm it’s a full shed so I have no idea what he’s doing. I have attached a video...
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    Hi, apologies for any errors I have never posted before. I've had a baby black house snake for about 4 months now, not sure his exact age but he was pretty tiny when i got him and I'd say he's now just off a foot in length (shoelace size width). He's currently in a a small plastic tub which...
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    A 40 second example of why proper lighting is important even for snakes.
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    hey everyone! essentially I moved house a year ago into my own place and I have put my two snakes (hognose and Brb) in my new living room. Ever since I’ve moved my 6 year old brb has been an on and off eater. I’m wondering if this is because she now lives in the main room in the house? Before...
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    Adult female brown house snake 3 years old
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    This UVB guide aims to convey a complex topic in an easy to understand way! It is structured in a way that breaks the topic into sections that can be easily referred to in the future. UVB is a complex topic and many people may be overwhelmed by it, so I hope this video gets used as a tool to...
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    male dwarf retic wanted not hatchling
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    Looking for blood pythons
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    Looking for sub adult or adult female scaleless corn snake
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    Hi, Not been on in a while as I haven't had a reptile for a long time. But I have been longing to get another snake again. Really fancy a Carpet Python more so a Jungle Carpet. Can anyone give any advice on these? I have done a fair bit of research regarding the Head Wobble and tings...
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    Adult female cb15 bredli python
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    Pair of dendrophila gemmicincta 18 months £500 Female nigriceps 2 and half years £350 Female boiga irregularis 2 years old £250 Male sulawesi boiga irregularis 18 months £200 2 male Malagasy cat eyed snakes 6 months £50 each Male scotts garter 2 years £20 Hatchling male nigriceps £100
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    Price drop until Sunday 1st Nov 2 snakes and the 2 vivs all for £300 that's an insanely good price - MALE: Purple Sunfire £150 FEMALE: motley tiger £150 Pair sold together I will take £250 * If not taking the vivs. - Both are coming up to 2 years old, the month is unknown but by the end of 2020...
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    2x cb20 boiga nigriceps/black headed cat snake,ready in afew weeks
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    5 x cb20 blandingii,ready in afew week,£120 each or deal on multiple