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snow corn snake
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    male snow corn snake around 4-5 months old eats,sheds,poos as it should £25
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    male snow corn for sale only around 4-5 months old £50
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    CB14 Snow Corn Snake Male £45
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    CB14 Snow Corn Snake Male £45
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    I'm selling my 4 of my snakes due to being unable to find space for them all. I've got a Male adult Royal Python who is around 6ft, very friendly and easy to handle. Another male royal around 3ft, he's quite jumpy and sometimes strikes at the glass on the viv but he just needs to be handled a...
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    CB06 male snow corn. Healthy and doing everything he should. No viv as currently housed in a stack. Can deliver for fuel contribution. Any questions please ask.
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    male corn snake snow corn roughly 4 years old about 3. foot maybe a bit more viv and heat mat included in this price never any issues with this guy doesnt strike feed though any questions pleasae ask
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    I have the following incubating and the due dates are below, some of which are due any day now. All hatchlings will have several feeds before leaving. If you want me to let you know when they are ready, message me. I will add prices when they are ready for sale. Soooo we have: 1. Lavender het...
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    CB12 male snow corn. Healthy and doing everything he should. Great temperament. Only for sale as bought as a female but turns out he is not! Viv available for extra cost. Any questions please ask
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    Hi guys, I'd just like a few opinions on if you think my lovely 9 month old is a normal snow or a strawberry snow! Thanks :2thumb: A few people have said she might be bubblegum snow or strawberry snow, but I'm not sure She just pooped on me while I was writing this and is now moping around...
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    Here's some of my collection, enjoy :) Luna, my IJ; My female het piebald; Jafar, 50% CA BCI; Mylo, snow corn.. He absolutely loves the piece of cork bark in the photo, he only comes out of it to poo, drink and occasionally he'll come out to feed. The last of my hatchie blizzards, this...
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    My Partner recently bought me a baby corn snake, he's the one labeled snow not sure of the technical term.. we got him as a bargain, he was £65 for the snake his entire setup which includes, 18x11.5x6 inch Wooden Terrarium aspen substrate, water bowl decorative plant, coconut hide heatmat with...
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    MUST BE FEMALE. Can collect from Somerset, Dorset & Surrounding Areas
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    Hi for sale I have a 4 year old unsexed snow corn a beautiful snake lovely. Temperament and a lovely pet , only asking £50 for the snake if you won't viv aswell will ask for additional money thanks ring 07540613237
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    Just concentrating on my royals so this guy is up for sale. Cb12, around 1ft long, sheds, poops fine. Eats when he wants I've found its better to leave it in with him. Looking for £20 for this cheeky little chappie! Any questions PM me
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    I sold this snake a few years ago to a friend but they unfortunately couldn't care for her anymore, so I took her back into my care in January. However corns aren't really my thing so I would like to find her a lovely new home so I can concentrate on my other species. "She" is an unsexed 2008...
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    Snow Corn Snake For Sale CB11 (Captive Bred in 2011) Female Currently feeding on - Pinkie Mice Eats and Sheds well Very friendly Average adult size - Between 4ft and 6ft For Sale; **£40** FULL HATCHLING SET UP AVAILABLE IF REQUIRED *£85* (This set up should last the snake until around 2...
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    I've just bought my daughter an albino corn snake, she's been nagging me for over a year. I don't know the sex, but when we bought him he was shedding, there appears to be a little skin still to shed on one side, is that normal? He had also been attacked by a more fiesty corn in the shop and as...
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    CB11 Snow Corn Snake For Sale Beautiful CB11 Female Corn Snake. Eats and Shed well. A very friendly girl who is very tame and easy to handle. Full Set up which will last her up to around 2 years old also available for £85- Includes; 1 x Large flat Exo Terra faunarium 1 x Habistat 100w mat...
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    Hi all, i've been cruising the interweb for some time now :whistling2: reading up on snakes and looking at all the different advice out there, and wow, there's alot. :gasp: I'd been looking around the local pet stores and even taking the wife and kids along to look at and handle some of the...
1-20 of 25 Results