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snow corn
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    Hi all, new to the forum so i thought i'd introduce my 2 year old female snow corn Skittles. However the first image was when she was only a few months old!
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    So we got a snow corn yesterday from my friend, she is about a year old and very well handled. Went to get her out this morning and she went wild!! Thrashing about and striking! Really freaking out, so I put her back. Do I just leave her to settle in?? I have held her before at my friends...
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    Female black proven breeder. Adult 2010 £50 Male snow proven breeder adult 2009 (two healthy clutches with the black above) £30 £70 for the pair. Male yearling striped creamcicle 2012 £50 All eating on d/f mice. Pooping and doing as they should.
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    A couple of clearer pics of Piper after she's been bathed and got the last of her crappy shed off! She's a stunner! :flrt:
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    Beautiful snow corn for sale due to no fault of his Own just not needed in my collection. Brilliant to handle eat shed and poo. Beautiful to look at.
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    This is my cb09 male Snow Corn. He has produced nice clutches for me and has been used this year already. He eats well, unless its breeding season, an xl mouse every 10 days or so. No problems with shedding and pooing. He's great to handle, around 4ft and 400g. He truly is a great example of the...
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    MUST BE FEMALE. Can collect from Somerset, Dorset & Surrounding Areas
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    picked up a snake last night... she/he is very pink with whiteish saddles and green outlines around the saddles. She also has yellow down her sides. Looks too colourful to be a normal snow? im thinking a bubblegum snow? it wont let me upload pics so if you give me your email i can send pics :)...
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    CB12 Snow Het BloodRed Motley Corn Unsexed £45 Can deliver to areas within & around Dorset & Somerset (fuel cost may be applied depending on location)
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    CB12 Snow Het Motley Corn Unsexed Can deliver to areas within & around Dorset & Somerset (fuel cost may be applied depending on location)
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    CB12 Snow Corn Unsexed
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    I have decided to sell my corns and concentrate on just boas. So im selling my 2008 Female Snow het motley. Proven this year, she had a clutch of 27 eggs, and double clutched with another 13 eggs but only 3 good eggs! Still have the 3 baby amels. Im selling her for £70 as she is a great...
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    Basically the reason for sale is that the snake isn't getting enough regular attention and care. It is my daughters snake (she's 14), and she doesn't have the responsibility to take care of him. I recently bought a full ExoTerra set up (only 2 months ago) which cost over £230 to perhaps...
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    hi im selling my baby snow cornsnake unsexed comes with hide,water bowl, heat matt,thermometer plus a 30-30-30 exo terra viv thanks james. ps will put picks on when i find my camera
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    hI Ive got my first clutch up for sale all corns will only be sold after four feeds, Corns can be sexed if required. 0.0.1 cb12 Snow (pt1) £30 0.0.1 cb12 Amel (pt2) £30 0.0.1 cb12 Anery (pt3) £30 0.0.1 cb12 Amel (pt4) £30 0.0.1 cb12 Amel (pt5) £30 0.0.1 cb12 Snow (pt6) £30 0.0.1 cb12 Anery...
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    Thought id let you all see Eugene playing in his new exoterra skull!
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    Hi all, We have baby corn snakes for sale, feeding well, Call 01942 214 040 and ask for Graham.
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    Hi guys, need to downsize as just no time with my 6 month old baby! Male spider royal born 25/12/11 eats, poos, handles well, sheds in bits but fine after a moss box. £200 Male Snow corn approx 2/3yrs. Eats, poos, sheds and handles well. £100 Young female snow corn approx 18mnths. Eats, poos...
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    I have two snow corn snakes for sale, as I am going travelling soon and need to downsize my animals. These two snakes are from the same clutch and are just coming up for five years old. I have no idea of the sex, as they were some of the first snakes I got and never got them sexed as I never...
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    my hubby is selling his snow corn male cb09,hes looking for £40 ono(snake only)he has a great temperment,eats poops and shedding perfectly, or willing to swap,as he has now decided to stick with boas and pythons
21-40 of 103 Results