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snow cornsnake
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    2 gorgeous snow corns really clean markings on there 10th feeds and 6th sheads male and female but not 100% possibly 2 females (not sexed by me) can come with lovely rub set up skull ornament cork bark and log ornament 2 exo terra plants and a heatmat - £15 for set up snakes £40 for both or...
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    Here I have a Proven Adult Female Snow cornsnake for sale, She laid around 12 eggs earlier this year, she is tame and feeds great. Offers Over £40. Pm me or Text/Call 07977859026
  3. Genetics
    Hey all, i was struggling to post it here or in the snake section lol thought maybe ill get better answers here Ive heard of 'Blizzard Corn Snake', ive googled it, seems pretty similar to the Snow Corn Snake just wondering is there such thing as Blizzard Corn and is different than the known...
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    Possibly a coral snow though I have to admit I am no expert on corn morphs. Somebody with better knowledge of this may be able to confirm from the photos. Proven breeder by accident (probed after being housed with another female corn who produced eggs earlier this year - unexpected and sadly...
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    :2thumb:hi posting this for someone , please ring if interested , no time waters please ,thanks x 2 year old snow corn snake, its a bit jumpy when pickin it up but never bitten, comes with 3ft wooden viv with magic eye stat. in huntingdon my mobile number is 07717 147027 for £65 o.n.o
1-5 of 5 Results