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snow stripe
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    Look for a snow stripe male, preferably adult. Please contacting me regarding pricing.
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    Hi there We currently have an 8 month old Male Snow Stripe 66% het Caramel corn snake for sale We are looking for £50 for him Heres a pic: Price is for the snake ONLY. I can add setup for youngsters at £10 each comprising: Large Faunarium Substrate Water Bowl and Cork...
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    Not breeding any more corns so looking for a new home is my low expression pied blood stripe adult male, Must go with female blood should be upto weight by feb, can both be a little stroppy Looking for offers Female Jungle again should be ready by feb (corn x king) Can be snappy but will calm...
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    Available Corns These guys are both 09s, feeding well on small mice: 09 snow stripe het hypo ph caramel male £60 (he is possibly a coral snow stripe but is het hypo at the very least) 09 blizzard male £60 Pickup from Elgin or I can get my friend to take them to Doncaster with her in September...
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    Available Corns Sub adult females: 08 bloodred het amel female £65 - 230g+ feeding on medium mice 08 fire female £75 - 290g+ feeding on large mice Yearling male: 09 snow stripe het hypo ph caramel male £60 - 45g+ feeding on small 10g mice
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    Hi Would be interested in the following morphs: Snow Stripe Lavender Hypo Lavender Snow Opal Sunglow Coral Snow Opal Aztec Hyper Snow This will be my first snake :2thumb: :blush: Might need delivery as I do not drive..... yet hehe. Thanks, Vicky
1-6 of 6 Results