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    This is Jörmungandr, he is mine and my boyfriend's very first pet snake. He's a CB12 Snow Corn :flrt:. We fetched him home today and are loving having him around already!
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    Okay, I received my cornsnake exactly a week ago now (last monday), but before I received her my aunt had her for 2 weeks. The first week she regurgitated, so my aunt didn't feed her the second week (feeding day was saturday), then when she gave me her two days after she explained you have to...
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    Greenspot Female Snowcorn for Sale She is almost pure white in her colouring with tinges of pastel pink. She is very strong but elegant in appearance and comes from the bloodline of Chris Mathesons snowcorns and has the emory trait. She is 3 years old and about 3ft long. She has a shy...
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    Greenspot Snowcorn Male for sale He is adorable and has pink pastel markings on his head and gets whiter along his body. Has been a marvellous pet for me. He has a sturdy and robust appearance, very energetic and strong. Age 3 and still growing and is over 3,5 ft long. He is feeding on...
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    I have a male snow corn 2011 he was June born so still a baby eats a fuzzie every 5 to 7 days. Does everything he should eats poo's sheds etc. He will come with everything you need his Faunarium a couple of hides heatmat, thermostat and digital thermometer . £70 no offers Will require a...
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    My snowcorns have had some babies recently and they are unusual in that they descend from Chris Mathesons bloodline and have a reputation for being more sturdy and robust than normal. Very healthy and mite free. About 2.5 months old, feeding well on defrosted mice. £20 and females only sold...
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    My snowcorns have just had babies. They are from a great bloodline, from Chris Matheson, known as greenspot. They make a thicker and more robust snowcorn than normal. I have babies all feeding on defrosted mice, 6 weeks old, healthy and mite free. Some motleys available. Female £25 Males £20...
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    2010 grown on eats like a dustbin £25
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    Very sweet male available . eating defrost lge weaner rats. currently hibernating. Can be used for breeding and is proven to be a good breeder. he is shy and spends a lot of time hid away. Will suit owner that is compassionate and really likes to understand their snakes. If you love...
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    Nice temperament .4 months old, has 2 small kinks but eating normally and very healthy.good size and eating defrost fuzzies once a week. Suitable as a pet only. Not suitable for breeding. Reduced price. He has got a good bloodline history, available on request. contact Saber mob 07950956945
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    Pretty, pastel whites and very gentle. good to hold, suitable as a pet for adults or children. Feeding well on Lge defrost mice passively(doesnt need to be fed off tweezers. will eat from a plate)Very lively and about 11 months old to be more exact.Will accept £25
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    Two pairs of hatchling snowcorns available. £35 a pair,£15 for a single male,£25 for a single female. nice markings and information about the bloodline available if you are interested. eating large pinkies, ready for fuzzies.approximately 20 cms/8'' long Eating dead defrosted from a tray...
1-12 of 12 Results