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  1. Habitat
    Hi all Just about finished setting up my viv still some plants to add and maybe more logs/wood. Just looking for any advice input that I could maybe improve? Thanks The current setup Inside the warm hide Cool hide at the back. Not sure if this will work but I thought I would try...
  2. Habitat
    Hi all, hope you doing well. I have just bought a new background + Sides for a viv I building for a Leopard Gecko. Now the sides show an unfinished edge that I would like to clean up. Has anyone here used "Gorilla Patch & Seal Tape" or any tape...
  3. Lizards
    Hi I have been around lizards and reptiles all my life I recently had a green iguana that past away almost two years ago he had a very strong life at 18 years. I want to introduce my son into the world of reptiles and build a new setup using a Exo Terra Natural Glass Terrarium Large Extra...
  4. Newbie Advice
    Firstly let me say....this is an edit....we are now having a baby instead....male and female bit ambitious as first timers i think lol.....Hi there, we have just agreed to adopt a 2yr old male and female beardie. They are in a 4ft viv on a cabinet. Everything is there to keep them apparently...
  5. Snakes
    Hey! As some of youmay know my 12 year old son is getting a reptile for his Birthday and he doesn't know if he wants a Royal Python or a cornsnake/Milksnake. What are the pros and cons of all these animals and which one is better for a kid? Thanks:2thumb:
1-5 of 5 Results