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sonoran dwarf
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    Male feeding on small mice every 7days never missed a meal sheds in one over all nice snake pics are in my album on my profile he was breed by dwarf gaz at gazes pythons and boas he about 18inches atm min looking to swap for pair of corns and set up or a nice royal or try me can only say no...
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    my young adult female sonoran dwarf shed this morning, and is looking lovely so decided to grab some pics of her...she is such a sweet natured girl and seems to thoroughly enjoy coming out for a climb around and is always into everything! :lol2:
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    2009 male dwarf adult just over 4ft,absolutely amazing patterns,quite tame and handleable,never hissed or struck. shed about a week ago,and eating small rats. £98.00. was on hold ,but due to unforseen circumstances,buyer has had to cancel purchase. PLEASE NO SWAPS/OFFERS THIS IS A SALE ONLY...
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    selling on behalf of a friend, i'm told it's Sonoran, but i have a Sonoran and it's not quite the same, also appears to have some Jungle influence towards the tail. She is 210% female, the only reason i'm not buying her from my friend. she's force feeder, but i'm working on that, so i'd...
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    sonoran female anery poss paradox boa she has had a bad time via first keeper , had poor sheds (still had full shed on when we got her as part ex on some ackies) and has a few minor scars (nothing bad) open to offers as we do not breed sonorans...
1-5 of 5 Results