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spanish ribbed newt
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    My female Spanish ribbed newt has just laid hundreds of eggs and is still laying. 20 eggs for £10. + £7 for Royal Mail next day special delivery. Axolotl juvies also for sale. All colours available From £5 each dependant on size. Pick up only on these unless you can arrange your own...
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    Spanish ribbed newts
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    I have a small number of newly morphed juveniles available. All healthy aggressive feeders ready for their new homes. I'm looking for £5 each or £10 a pair. Will reduce if you are looking to purchase multiples. Courier can be arranged at buyers expense at a flat rate of £45 for most areas of...
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    Hi is anyone selling any leaucstic (white) Spanish ribbed newts (Pleaurdeles Watl)? eggs/juvinels/adults i will pay up to £20.00 for a white one i can pick up locally if you live in merseyside/wirral, if you have one write back ASAP please thanks Jodie :2thumb::2thumb:
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    I have 3 spanish ribbed newts, 2 girls and 1 boy. I bought them when they were about 10 cms, have had them for a couple of years and they are now about 20cm plus (the 2 girls are bigger than the boy). The boy has just finished a breeding cycle and in the last couple of weeks has got in the...
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    adult, male i believe. had him around a year and eats well on frozen bloodworm etc. can also provide setup if needed. please pm for more info
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    Hi I've just finished setting up my new tank and made a waterfall ( on the land part ) with a UV led And now I've read that UV can be harmful for fish and I'm wondering would it harm the newt I'm just using 1 led approx. 0.24W ( 20ma @ 12V ) Wavelength (nm):395-400-405 ( UV-A ) Here is the...
1-7 of 7 Results