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spider and inverts
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    Due to having my first child next year ive decided to sell the remaing tarantula's I have in my collection all come in there current enclosures Lasiodora parahybana - unsexed juvie Neoholothele incei - AF Poecilotheria Vittata - AF Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens - unsexed juvie Nhandu...
  2. Spiders and Inverts
    might be a silly question, do all species of cockroaches eat live plants
  3. Spiders and Inverts
    Hi guys, quick question about mature males . I know soon as they make their first sperm web is the best time to breed them because they are nice and fresh but my question is how old would u go before u would stop using him? Or even stop buying one? Don't know if I'm right but I wouldn't buy...
  4. Spiders and Inverts
    Hello guys I am looking for a breeder who can get hold of a spider called a Funnel web spider or a Brazilian wandering spider, I know they are extremely dangerous but i am in need of one. Many Thanks Ethan
  5. Spiders and Inverts
    For a Mexican Red Knee T i am using coconut fiber for the substrate and heard it need to be dry most of the time. And also is this true i found online..... The substrates depth should be half of the height of the enclosure to allow for burrowing and to make sure that the spider is not...
  6. Spiders and Inverts
    I'm getting another Tarantula some point this week and i have a spare RUB lying around. Iv heard that there not good to keep Tarantulas in don't know why. :/ But i have also heard that they are perfectly fine to keep them in. Any suggestions? Not sure what to go with also it is a good size for them.
  7. Spiders and Inverts
    My Rose Hair has been moving her substrate from inside her hide to outside of her hide. And starting to web the substrate mountains. I think she is starting to moult as she has her bald spot and a darker abdomen all though she has eaten since. Any reason why she is doing this.
  8. Spiders and Inverts
    hi thinking of getting a sun tiger more than thinking really . anyway just want to know a bit more info if someone has one how grumpy are they and how fast i have pokies and orange tree spider are they any faster with mine if you blink there gone i always seen to like the fast ones thanks brad
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    MM Blue Fang freshly moulted this morning £25 Sub adult Golden red rump £20 Postage £7
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    i have panama blonde, sub adult costa rican tiger rump, sub adult and a juvinile chillie rose the panama comes with a big nice glass viv, heat matt, light fixture the lot, the other 2 have setups but will send pics in emails if needed. i am wanting to swap the lot for a nice birdeater or just...
  11. Spiders and Inverts
    Half of my Steatoda Grossa hatchlings have vamoosed from their enclosure they must have found an escape root last night will they be able to survive in my house. I hope so Anyone with answers plz. Thanks boaboy666
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    i have a avic versiclour i,ts about an inch big,swap for a psalmopoeus pulcher of any size ta.
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    AF nhando vulpinus stunning sp,comes in a glass terrarium nice looking set up,collection only no posting £50.
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    AF nhando vulpinus stunning spider swap for anything intresting no posting but can meet halfway.
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    (Grammostola aureostriata)Golden Knees for sale (slings) size is about 10 mm plus Hi all if you need pics the only way i can send pics is if you have a blackberry my BBM pin is 284C4262 (Grammostola aureostriata) Chaco golden striped knee £3.00 each or 10 for £18.00 THANK YOU will do a deal on...
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    Golden Knees for sale (slings) Hi all:welcome: (Grammostola aureostriata) Chaco golden striped knee £3.00 each or 10 for £20.00:mf_dribble: THANK YOU will do a deal on larger numbers as have loads left can post 1st class £4.00 or special deliverey £7.00 - paypal accepted or cash on...
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    Hi all:welcome: (Pterinochilus murinus " usambara ") Orange Baboon Tarantula (OBT) £1.00 each OR 10 for a tenner :gasp: not many left (Grammostola aureostriata) Chaco golden striped knee £3.00 each or 10 for £20.00:mf_dribble: THANK YOU will do a deal on larger numbers can post 1st class...
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    Slings for sale Hi to all, Slings are 2nd and 3rd instar feeding very well Price is for 1 sling but good deal on larger quantities see below. (Pterinochilus murinus Orange Baboon Tarantula (OBT). £3.00 each (Ceratogyrus marshalli) Straight horned baboon. £4.00 each 10 Pterinochilus murinus...
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    Hi all I am selling my female chillie rose for 20.00 reason for selling ..... baby due next month, downsizing on my collection, collection from Feltham Middlesex (near Heathrow airport)
1-19 of 81 Results